Some quick info :

* Myself and 11 of my friends along for the trip (My Bachelor Party)
* We all stayed at the [B]Stratosphere[/B]
* In town Thur-Mon
* 9 of the 12 were Vegas "Virgins'

Things started off as good as they possibly could. On the flight from Pittsburgh to Phoenix we sat in the very rear of the plane and had the greatest stewardess we could have hoped for. 9 of us ended up together in the back and she asked why we were all going to Vegas. Well long story short we didn't pay for one drink the entire 5+ hr flight. Not one! granted she made great money from us tipping her, but many of thy guys in the group were already swerving before we even landed in Las Vegas.

Okay so we are there. Grabbed a limo to the [B]Strat[/B] since there were so many of us, check in went fairly quick considering we had 3 rooms. I was a little worried because I'd read some mixed reviews about the[B] Strat[/B] but I freaking loved it there. The rooms were great (hey it's just a place to sleep), the staff were friendly, and out of all the places we visited the cocktail waitresses were the quickest we'd seen. Possibly because their casino isn't as large as others and probably because we were tipping pretty well considering most of us are in the food and bev industry. The 1st day we had planned on staying around our hotel but around Midnight a few of us caught the deuce down to[B] N.Y.-N.Y.[/B]and [B]Treasure Island[/B] just to see some sights.

The next day we hit the pool (which we did every morning) the weather was gorgeous and it was great to get some sun and leave the crappy weather (I live near Pittsburgh). Again the pool staff was friendly and so were the bartenders. We went up to the tower and being that I've never been afraid of any ride I'd ever rode I was excited to see the thrill rides at the top.... then i saw them. Wow... talk about intimidating. I recommend going up and then buying your tickets regardless of how tough you think you are. So... I rode all three of them Of the 12 I was with only myself and another guy actually rode the rides. The insanity was just that, my knees were shaking and my mouth was dry for about 30 minutes after we got done, and like I said, I've never been afraid on a ride before. It was an experience. After that a lot of drinking/gambling etc.

The following day we decided to leave the pool early and see the strip, but 1st we took advance of the craps class offered by the hotel. I learned a lot and actually played a little later that night, but it is still a little confusing to me. so I stuck with Blackjack and Roulette. So we're off to the strip. Caught the deuce again (traffic was way worse early in the day) and took it down to [B]Mandalay Bay[/B]. Starting walking casino to casino checking them all out and stopping to have a beer here and there and a little gambling. We had a couple Dolphins fans with us and it was the 1st day of the NFL draft so we decided to have dinner at [B]Dan Marino's Restaurant[/B] inside of the[B] Hooters Casino[/B]. The food was pretty good and we had a coupon that ended up giving us 3 bottles of wine since our bill was so high, nice. Kept heading up the strip hitting up all the casinos, [B]MGM,[/B][B] Caesars[/B], [B]Luxor[/B], [B]Tropicana[/B],[B] Mirage[/B], etc.. etc.. the guys that had never been to Sin city were amazed when the saw [B]MGM[/B] and some of the other big boys. We were going to do the "Vodka Bar" at [B]Mandalay Bay[/B] but some of the group was getting low on cash, but we did stop at [B]Rum Jungle[/B] and we all loved it. they have a specialty drink there that I can't remember the name of (if that tells you anything!) and it was strong and delicious. On our adventure down the strip we saw the fountain show outside[B] Bellagio[/B], we saw a show inside [B]Caesars[/B], spent some time in Excalibur.. it was great. But our feet were killing us after 9-10 hrs of walking so back to the[B] Strat [/B]for some drinks/gambling and some grub.

We had one more day and I had to decided what I wanted us to do. We had all gotten free show tickets from our play in the casino but I really wanted to go Downtown since I had never been there. Great decision ! We all loved it down on [B]Fremont St[/B]. The fact that we could walk from place to place unlike the day before when going form one casino to the next was an adventure. Loved [B]Binions[/B] and the free picture they will take for you with the Million Bucks. I thought the [B]Golden Nugget[/B] was cool, and the show at night was fantastic. Again I'd heard mixed reviews about downtown, but I thought it was the best part of the trip. Now the BEST part, and I thought this was cool because I'd never read anything about this place, was a little hole in the wall casino downtown called The[B] Mermaid[/B]. This little place has only slots and the only reason we went in was because the girls outside said the magic word "free drinks". So as soon as we walk in a waitress comes up and takes our order, immediately after she walks away another waitress comes up and asks if we want shots. Wow, I love this place ! We ended up staying in there for a couple hours and only a few of us gambled but they didn't care whatsoever. In fact at one point I had 2 drinks in my hand and a shot in the other. With the place being so small i guess if you are a good tipper they want to come around as often as possible before you bounce. So, if you are looking to get your drink on, check out the[B] Mermaid! [/B]We stayed downtown 'till about Midnight then went back to the [B]Strat[/B] for one last night of Bachelor Party antics.

Our final day there we had a few hours to kill before our flight left so we walked down to [B]Circus Circus,[/B] [B]Slots of Fun[/B], [B]Sahara[/B], and [B]The Riviera[/B]. Saw a show at [B]Circus Circus[/B] so that was nice, then did a little souvenir shopping since I actually had some money left.

So all in all this was the best trip I've ever had. I wouldn't change a thing. Including where we stayed. Although the [B]Strat[/B] is far from everything I liked the fact that by the time we left we knew most of the waitresses an bartenders and therefor they took very good care of us.And I think because their casino is as massive as some of the others that worked out well for us. Plus I was able to earn $120 in free slot play, free show tickets, and I ate 3 times wit the comp pts I'd earned. And I'm hardly a "high roller".

Well if you've read this far then I suppose I didn't bore anyone. I decided to get a $1 chip from all the casinos we visited and ended up coming home with 29 of them. I thought that was pretty cool. Thanks for all the info before I left, sorry the stories weren't more exciting, but you the saying about what happens in Vegas. :15: