We left Boston for a nonstop flight to LV, arriving at 9 pm on a Saturday night. Since we got in so late and it being a weekend night, we didn't want to spend a fortune so were able to reserve the Imperial Palace for ~$40. It was a great deal. Room was large and clean. The next morning we had the buffet brunch there and it was pretty good. We used our coupon from the LVA and paid for just one. We checked out, had our bags stored and then it was off to Clark County courthouse to get our marriage license. I had done my homework ahead of time so we took the CAT and got off about a block from the courthouse. It was strange to see so many couples in there and it was only about 10AM! My Mom has a time share in Vegas so we checked in there that afternoon and stayed there for the following week. It was nice but just that one block from the strip made all the difference in walking but there was a shuttle schedule and we used it when we could.

Tuesday evening we got married in the chapel in the Flamingo gardens. We had been planning it for about a year and it was simple and beautiful!! We got a package and so had a bouquet and also a photographer. We had our Moms there and two couples that are close friends. After the ceremony, I walked down Las Vegas Blvd (always wanted to do that!!) in my long wedding dress, waving my bouquet. We had dinner at The Range in Harrahs. It was okay but not like we remembered it being-not up to its usual standard. We checked out of the timeshare on Saturday and stayed at Harrahs for the last 3 mights for a total of $43! Great deal!! We hadnt been to Vegas in a few years and were amazed by the prices of all the buffets being very expensive now!! If you are going, I would highly recommend getting the LVA book. We saved a ton with that. There are also two fors for the wax museum and the Eiffel Tower. Lots of young adults there this time and alot of drinking. No luck with the machines ( I play video poker) but got a good run with the 5 cent video poker anyway. Harrahs is still the best! We enjoyed our stay there. Went downtown one day-no jackpots being won there either. All in all, alot of people in Vegas but not alot of people gambling. Left early Tuesday morning for a uneventful (thank God) nonstop flight back to Boston!