Where to start? This was one of the best trips to Vegas we have ever had and we have been going for over 30 years. We had free flights using our frequent flyer miles and had an offer of 2 free nights at Flamingo and 3 free nights from MGM of which we used 2. Ordinarily, my husband doesn't like to move once we get settled in a hotel but he agreed to try MGM as he had never stayed there before.

Northwest flight out of Metro was on time and every seat was filled. In fact when i checked in online and printed boarding passes the website stated that they were overbooked and were giving vouchers and compensation if you would take a later flight. I didn't pursue it any further because we held separate tickets and i didn't want to get into a situation where one of us would fly later and maybe the other would not get the same flight. Security was tighter than i had seen in the last few years with four of five TSA people spot checking people and carry on luggage as we boarded the plane. When we arrived in Vegas and I just stepped into the airport, a young man came up to me and handed me a luxor 20.00 TITO and said "I forgot to cash this in and I either have to give it to someone or use it as a paper souvenier" and walked away. Wow! I havn't been here 3 minutes and already i am a 20.00 winner. On to Flamingo where I tried the 20 trick at the check in counter and it worked!!!! We were upgraded to a Go Room on the 26th floor with a fantastic view of the Bellagio fountains. It was the best view we have ever had. I loved the room and the location of Flamingo and would stay in a Go Room in a heartbeat again. We generally like to stay at TI or Mirage, but the free offers were not there this time and we were happy with the Go Room and the casino in general. When we stayed at Flamingo last sept (in a standard room)the machines were not that good to us, but this trip it was different, we started winning immedately and for 2 days we could do no wrong. The morning of the second day, my husband and i won over 3,000, between dollar slots and video poker, with his best hit being an 1100 win at the bar on video poker. Most of the winnings were at Flamingo but we did hit a 500 jackpot at TI and I hit 4 Aces with kicker at Casino Royale for 500. 3rd day it was time to move and that morning i was playing 50 play DDB 5 cent when i hit 2 royals, but i don't count that as real royals. I am still searching for a video poker royal on a .25 cent machine. Moved over to MGM Grand and after checking in there was a huge commotion in the lobby and Ricky Hatton and his entourage were filming a special for TV and I caught a glimps of him thru the crowd. A big fight was scheduled for the weekend. (he lost). Our winning days were over and for the next two days we were chasing wins with not much luck. We tried more penny machines then we ever did and when you got the bonus rounds, they were fun. Went to the Luxor to cash in my 20.00 and we ended up dropping 150 there on various machines, Went to NYNY and played video poker at the bar for what seemed like hours with no real wins. Tried Tropicana and Planet Hollywood with a few silver strikes at PH to show for it. But at this point still ahead because of our first 2 day winnings. I also had 125 dollars in MGM mirage reward dining certificates which we used a TI,(coffee shop) Mirage (hamburger place- very good burgers) and MGM Studio Cafe for breakfast. All were good and saved us tons of money on food. We are not big gormet eaters and sometimes get so busy gambling we forget to eat. Took a pizza up to the room at Flamingo one night. Didn't see the Mirage Volcano, didn't go downtown this trip, Didn't get to the Rio, Didn't get to Wynn, Encore, Palazzo, Grand Luxe Cafe. Didn't get to see Jersey Boys. All these things were on my to-do list and they didn't happen. Guess we will have to go again (no problem there) Oh, I never play slots at the airport because usually we are taking the red eye (not this time) and I have heard they are sooo tight, but this time we got there early and i sat down to DDB video poker. I looked at the pay table and it was 6/5!!!! I would never even play a machine like that at a casino but i wanted to kill some time and within 5 or 6 pulls I hit 4 threes and within a few minutes more I hit 4 queens. I cashed out 150 at the airport. That was a first!

We had a great trip, 85 degree weather, and came home with more money than we left with, free flights, free rooms,free food. I LOVE VEGAS!!