Paris Las Vegas Trip Report (my first) April 30 to May 3 2009

Well, I enjoy reading the trip reports and have never written one myself. This trip is somewhere in the count of trip number 60. I used to go about once every three months but haven't gone as much the last couple of years due to work and relocating.
I thought I had better buck up and write one, so here it goes........

Before I start I will preface that all meal prices include alcoholic beverage and tip. T & I flew out of Portland, OR Thursday morning at 1000 on SWA and arrived in LV on time at 1200. Prior to flying out, we had breakfast at PDX at Gustav's which was actually really pretty good for airport food (72).

I really only play Craps, but if I am bored or getting killed on the tables, I will play some BJ, VP, or some Let it Ride. Other than that I try to fine a place to enjoy Crown on the rocks and a good cigar.

We checked into the Paris LV where we had three nights comped. No lines for check-in and I laid 30 on the counter and asked if there were any Red Room Luxury Suites available. Walla, there was and we stayed on the 25th floor (2578) with a great view of the pool, Eifel Tower, and the Bellagio fountains. The Paris is probably my favorite hotel and we stayed there this past October as well. The location is perfect, the rooms are nice, and the restaurants inside the hotel are great. Not a big deal but I do like being able to walk through to Bally's not that outside to get there is an inconvenience. Plus T likes the Bloody Mary guy (Jimmy) across from the buffet, however he is no longer there I guess.

Started by playing a losing a quick 100 on Let It Ride, played some Craps (I should clarify that all Craps table plays are all 500 buy-in), we grabbed a couple of grinder sandwiches and clam chowder at JJ Boulangerie (20). Visited Napoleon's to relax after dinner for cigar, drink and listened to a lil music.

Pretty much played Craps from the time we checked in until 700 the next morning and wound up about 700 up after a roller coaster ride. T came down to find me and we had breakfast at the LeVillage Buffet that was good (24 with 20% discount). I went to the room to get a couple hours of sleep while T hit the pool. I grabbed 3 hours of sleep, showered and headed to the pool. Pool was very busy and I couldn't find T. Called her phone, no answer, so figured she had gone to shop or something. Headed straight back to the Craps table and grabbed a quick couple hundred. Slipped back over to the Let It Ride table and took a quick 100 before T texted and I headed back to the pool where she had been sleeping. Phone in purse on vibrate so couldn't hear my earlier call.

Now for one of the worst dining experiences in all my trips to LV. We ate at the poolside restaurant at Café du Parc (36). This could be the longest paragraph you will ever read but I will spare you the lengthy negativity. Basically we each had a drink that took us 20 minutes to get. I was going to leave, asked waitress if she placed drink order, she said she had. I drink Crown Royal on the rocks 99% of the time. Waitress then asked me if I had ordered a CR with Coke or CR on the rocks. Hmmmm thought she had already ordered the drink. Anyway we each had a Caesar salad, mine with chicken. Nothing great, chicken was dry. Took forever to get the bill after I asked for it. 60 minute dining experience for salad. Never dine there again which I indicated on the comment card. There were many other things but tried to make this short.

Quick walk down to the Flamingo and hit the Let It Ride table, played nickels, hit a few straight up, split a few, and overall took a 100 before calling it quits. Dinner reservation Friday night at Morton's (280). I always have dinner there at least one night during every trip. Maitre D- chatted with us before dinner about our last visit there and took a photo of us that they mat there. We both opted for the steak, lobster asparagus, salad dinner for 79. I had a crab cocktail and opted not to have the salad. As usual the dining experience was fabulous and the service outstanding. As always, attention to detail at Morton's unlike Emeril's New Orleans Fish House at the MGM that I will discuss later.

After Morton's we headed to Mandalay Bay. T saw an ad for Stephen Lynch who was playing at the House of Blues on Saturday. We grabbed a couple of tickets for 45 each. We hit the Craps and I lost 500 in about 30 minutes.

From MB to Bellagio where they took me for about 400 but at least I played a whole whopping 60 minutes. Headed back to Paris and played just a little more Craps. Standing, drinking, and no sleep caught up with me so I called it a night.


You guessed it, started the day out at Craps made a little money. T and I headed to the Mirage where I only lost 50 at Craps after a couple hours. Unfortunately this nice gal put her hands down, hit the dice I was throwing, so I left some money on the felt to say the least. It happens but maybe a 'sorry- or -my bad- would have been nice

Headed over to Caesar's Forum Shops and stopped in at Casa Fuente. I bought a Xicar lighter and had it shipped home. I grabbed a Fuente Short Story and T had an Ashton. Enjoyed the cigars and drinks. From there over to Sushi Roki and had a very good meal (55). Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Scallop Roll, and Miso Soup. Back over to Paris where I got another 1200 on Craps before dinner.

T, who loves to cook, made dinner reservations for us Saturday night at Emeril LaGasse's New Orleans Fish House restaurant at the MGM (192). We didn't know about the fight at the time of reservation and learned of it after arriving in town. We got to the restaurant early and the MGM was crazy! Three very young girls at the counter to greet customers. No personality whatsoever, so since this was my first visit to an Emeril's not impressed at all. I had a scallop appetizer, that believe this or not the waiter described incorrectly. I had a tuna dinner and T had the Chef's 4-course meal. Her meal started with a single larger scallop, salmon salad, beef, and coconut dessert. The experience wasn't what I had hoped and T wasn't happy either. She has all of Emeril's books and watches his shows. Now to be fair when we returned home T fired off an email to Emeril's informing them of her disgust. They replied within 12 hours acknowledging her displeasure and said someone would call. It appeared they called her cell phone a few hours later but she missed call and no v/m.

Got the heck out of the MGM and off to the Mandalay Bay. Busy there as well and we went to the comedy show. Good seats, funny, but it must be the trip; drunken obnoxious chick kept yelling for Lynch to get naked. Funny the first 50 times but seriously! She got real bad by the end of the show and the husband tried to stifle her by putting his hand over her mouth. Didn't stay at the MB to gamble and headed to the Wynn. Wynn tables were too pricey for me and packed. 25, 50, 100 & 200 Craps all busy. So we went back to the Paris. Played Craps till about 4:00 a.m., great cocktail service but lost a couple hundie. T and I called it a night and went to bed.


Last day and off to the tables. Well not my trip I guess losing again after about two hours of Craps. T was hurting and sought out some food getting a ham/cheese croissant. She brought half of it to me at the table. Quite tasty actually, maybe because I was hurting as well. Went and grabbed reward points and bought some gifts to take home. We sat at the Le Central Lobby Lounge and chatted with a nice waitress named Judy who we had talked to on past trips. Uneventful arrival at the airport and we ate at the super packed Jose Cuero Tequileria restaurant. The waitress, Trisha was very friendly and told us it was going to be a while since they were so backed up and there were just a couple servers. I appreciated her honesty and watched her let other people seated next to use the table while eating food from another establishment. Even though they were in a hurry to catch their flight, the lady walked over and tipped Trisha for the use of the table. That tells ya how nice the waitress was and she wasn't complaining or making excuses like so many others would have done. I tipped her more than I usually would have thanking her for her candor.

Flight home was on time and uneventful. Headed home to be happily greeted by our 16-week-old lab that I think was relieved after five days away from home. I think he thought we abandoned him!

T doesn't like to gamble and played the occasional VP machine. She spent some quality time at the pool while I played some dice. She is great for putting up with me since I can play Craps non-stop for hours on end.

Final thoughts

We spent about 400 on taxis and limos. Taxi lines were really only busy on Friday and Saturday night. Sunday taxi line to the airport was almost non-existent.

Cocktail experience was spotty and the morning hours were terrible. T said she noticed that some of her mixed drinks lacked booze.

This is the second trip where the bathrooms at the MGM were down right filthy. Yeah I know the fight, but they have them there all the time.

This turned out longer than I expected but I hope you liked it or some of the information was helpful, if not, I gave it a shot.