Left toronto at 7:00 AM on thursday april 30 on sunwing, suprised to get breakfast on the plan, scrambled eggs or french toast and both were very good.

Arrived in vegas at 8:30 AM, freind picked me and girl freind up at the airport and take us to the rio. was expecting to check bags with bellhop and not be able to check in until afternoon. go to check in at 9:15 AM and they say sure no problem, i ask about a strip view as i have stayed there before and have never had a strip view as i slide her my credit card to establish credit and it has a twenty with it. she takes the credit card and says there was money with your card sir, i say oh thanks and she says she can give me a room that i can see from the mirage to down town and i say great and when everything is done i say thanks and push the twenty back to her.

eat lunch at the sports deli at the rio and as usual very good food and lots of it at a fair price.

Dinner was at Dick's last resort at the excaliber. Very loud and very poor food. sorry nothing good to report about this place. ordered the ribs and the inside was blood red. ask for the to be cooked more and they say there smoked we do not grill them, so i ask can i get them grilled as they do not look done to me, they would not grill them they took them away and ask me if i want something else so i say ok and i take the chicken sandwich, why they would not gill them is a mystery to me and my freinds.

Hit a few slots on thurs day nite but hit nothing not even cherrys this would become the story of the trip.

Friday, play a few slots and video poker, no luck and very little play
went to the Chris Angel show. OK typical cirk show with some tricks by angel thrown in. the very last trick were he walks behind a curtin and disappears in seconds is great the rest of his tricks, well someone decided to use a fog machine and it takes so long for the fog to clear that it takes away from the illusion.

Saturday went to the new M resort, nice place and like the fact they have the soda pop dispanses on the floor of the casino with cups and you can get your own, no waiting for a cocktail and no need to tip, LOL, no luck playing video poker
Sat nite stayed at the rio and ate at the American bar and grill, girl freind had a steak and i had the rib's and both were great.
called it an early nite as the fight made the place a zoo.

Sunday, went to the new allianti station casino, again it is ok but nothing new and no luck here.

Monday, played at rio, harrahs, ip, flamingo, again no luck, best i did was break even playing poker at the flamingo. My girl freind and i could not remeber a trip when she did not hit a royal at video poker but the machines seem so tight and we did not see anyone win a jackpot.
Monday nite went to turnament of kings at the excaliber, ok a fun show and a great show if you have kids and want them to have a good time. i have seen it before but the girl freind had not so eating with hands and watch the josting was grest fun for her.

Tuesday no luck gambling and we went to the outback restraunt over casino royal and had great steaks as usual. a lot of the high end restraunts seem to be closed midweek as business is down.

Wed. went to the penn and teller show, great sow loved it. you can your won pic and get audograph outside show room after show from penn and teller, nice touch not charging an extra 100.00 for this like donny and marie

Closing thoughts

vegas is slow through the week and only got busy on fight nite sat nite. machines seem to be so tight, girl freind usualy hits 2 to 5 jackpots playing video poker and we go down twice a year but this trip nothing. it seemed 20 after 20 and no four of a kind or even a fullhouse

i paid full price for shows as i booked weeks in advance, if you want to go through the week you could get 25 % off penn and teller at the tickets for less on the strip and they have lots of locations. you can get tickets to the cirk shows ka and myster but not love as i would have went again if we could have gotten discounted tickets

at all three shows they were moving people down front from the back
Chris angel show had about 20 % empty seats, and penn and teller had about 35-40 % empty seats.

the trip was fun but they need to give you more play for your buck on the machines.
Will go back in about six months.

Thanks to everyone who posts a report it does help.

P.S. Every taxi we took tryed to long haul us, if we were not vegas veterans we would have been clipped pretty good. Please be careful and watch were these guys are taking you.