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Sorry its so long, first time writing a trip report, have been reading them for years. So much good advice has come from them. Both 30's males here.

This was probably our 11th or 12th trip to Las Vegas and by far one of the best. Our first time with a connecting flight, United from Toronto to Chicago and then Chicago to Las Vegas. D wanted to be there early on Friday so we had no other choice it was United with a connection or US Airways for a direct flight, obvious choice - United. Flight and connection all went well and on-time. What is with the airline prices from Toronto lately, they were so cheap last year when gas was higher, now there are barely any seat sales, they must have reduced capacity or something.

Arrived at LAS about 10:30 am Friday and took the shuttle to the car rental place, what an amazing experience, everything went so smoothly. Shuttle was quick, rented from Enterprise - nothing bad to say at all, friendly, fast, no crap. Was nervous about renting a car, but everything went super, no hassles. D drove and had no trouble at all, very easy city to navigate. Was in a 2009 Dodge Caliber and on our way to MGM by 11am. Got an early check in there, 3 nights through a marketing offer all comped. They never seem to offer more than an average room at the MGM, play is always fairly high there not sure why they don't offer what the other casinos do. We currently have offers from every MGM/Mirage casino on the strip including Bellagio which I regret not trying. These offers are odd, because Luxor and Mandalay Bay for example I have almost never played anything at. I guess they look at play at all properties and market it that way, not sure. MGM did however give us 2 free tickets to KA that we did not use, I have seen it, and D has been twice.

Room was the usual, super comfortable bed, basic fairly large room on the 17th floor. We love the pool at MGM but didn't get to it this trip, mainly because it was our first trip renting a car and also it was on a fight weekend, so everything was nuts Friday and Saturday. If you haven't been to the pool before, its a blast, the lazy river rocks!

Honestly can't complain about the slots at MGM, they were so tight in January when we were there, but this time they seemed to give a lot more play. Played for hours all three days and basically broke even every time.

Saw Peepshow at Planet Hollywood Saturday night, had front row center seats I bought ahead of time on ticketmaster. Mel B actually pointed to us and made eye contact a few times, was an amazing show. A total Vegas show, amazing, amazing, amazing.... Will go again next trip. Having seen almost all of the Cirque shows(some twice) it was a nice change, need to see Lion King next trip in June hopefully for my birthday. Slots at PH seemed tight, as always. Managed to get in a sandwich from Earl of Sandwich before the show (amazing sandwiches).

If you have been to Las Vegas before and seen everything on the strip, RENT A CAR, it was a new experience for us, best choice we made. Went to Red Rock Canyon, Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam - all short driving distances. Also gives you a chance to try the casinos in Henderson etc, they are a lot closer by car than you think. You will be amazed at how much better they pay, you actually notice it right away, if you play games with a bonus round, you will actually get it. A different experience for me, I usually fight for a bonus round on the strip. Also nice to get to the malls, Town Square, Las Vegas Premium Outlets etc.

Checked in to Mirage on Monday for the last three days, again comped through marketing, was suppose to get a Mirage Suite, but there were none available, got a King Tower room on the 25th floor. Nice to have the elevators that only go to floors 24 & 25, but they are renovating and there was usually only one working instead of two. Room was nice although the bed was already feeling used. Bathroom is much larger than the normal rooms, which is nice, because the Mirage has cramped bathrooms in most rooms.

Went to the Mirage pool. Waterfalls were turned off, was disappointed but Mirage pool is still amazing. Nice to hang for an hour or so and get away from the casino floor. Mirage in general is a place I love to stay, I like so many things about it. Even better now with Starbucks instead of that Roasted Bean or whatever place. Mirage slots are always tighter than everywhere else, for me anyway they always have been. D hit a few small progressives, was happy and probably ahead of the game as I know not to play too much here. They still comp us better than all the other hotels, which is surprising because I probably play five times as much at MGM-

Restaurants this visit that are memorable - Strip Burger (again) at the Fashion Show Mall, buffet at Red Rock Resort - very yummy, Ra (for Sushi) - at Fashion Show Mall as well, ½ price between 4-7pm. Have done all the Mirage restaurants to many times, had to try new things this time. But all the Mirage ones for someone new are definetly worth trying FIN, Stack, Cravings, Sambas, CPK and Carnegies for sure. All are excellent and a good value.

Amazing hotels/casinos this trip - M resort, very liberal machines and nice quiet clean new place, friendly friendly staff. Silverton was cool, Sam's Town, Sunset Station, Cannery all worth going to, we are planning on staying at one off strip next visit, hopefully I can talk D into Sam's Town, was cool there, and maybe Golden Nugget, just to get us off the strip and try downtown. Off strip the gambling is so much different its weird. It;s way to different so much more play for you money. You think the big players on the strip would wonder why locals won't go near their machines. It rubs off on repeat visitors like us too.

An interesting note I almost forgot. This was my first time ever seeing all the Cirque shows on the screens at Tix4tonight and the other ½ price place. Never ever see them up there. Normal I book all show tickets before going, now I would kind of say wait until you get there and get a deal.

Best of luck