I will try and break down the trip.

Air - We flew out of Grand Rapids on Saturday (Cont. Airline)and were delayed leaving, this caused us to miss our connector in Huston so we left there an hour and a half later, but our luggage made the original flight, go figure. So when we arrived it was sitting there waiting for us, which was nice.

Car - Easy on the shuttle, not a line or full bus. Got to the "Hurtz" counter and was done and on our way in 20 minutes. Compact car for 6 days at Priceline cost $148.00. Name your own price and leave some time to see what you can do, we were happy.

Hotels - Arizona Charlies on Boulder for Saturday night, got a great rate of $39.00 for one night, Thanks Cory.
The Orleans, my wife loves the pool and they are a great place to saty at, not to crowded and great food and fun. We had a great rate plus pay for 2 get one free rate. They have very nice rooms and coffe makers, so a bottle of Baileys and my coffees were great every morning. The Orleans have a great liquer store, take a look there next time you visit. The pool is the best, there are two, and a round hot tub. Plus a bar outside that takes good care of you.

Win and Losses - We do not spend much money on this, peenys and some parley bets, win some lose some nothing great to report. My wife like the Video Poker and I will try and play some of the newer games. Plus a couple of rounds of BJ. You could find $5.00 tables all over and down town even had $2.00 tables.

Food - we had with us the ACG book and took advantage of many 2 for 1 deals. Great buffets at the Orleans, Silvertons, Mainstreet Station as well as the Cannery. The Terribles and Arizona Charlies were enjoyed for breakfast. Also the first place we hit each trip is Ellis Island, you can't beat the $6.95 steak special. Hot dogs at Orleans or South Point are always cheap and fill the void bettween meals.

Shows - We did see the America Country superstars at the Fritz and were pleased with the show.

Overall - Spent most of the time relaxing and pool side. Got to the strip a few times and the number of people seemed down, never had to wait for anything. Construction seems to be stopped and Vegas may be in trouble, with that said chaeck for deals, they want you out there.

Hope this helped you, and comments feel free to e-mail me.

Till our next trip, which will seem to far away..Keep smiling