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A trip to Vegas we couldn't resist. Happened to catch Allegiant Air website on day that flights out of Peoria were listed at $29 before taxes & fees. And casino host gave us rooms for $28 per nite before taxes & fees. Flights no problem - actually early on return. Only issue for us is the return time is 8:20 am so we only managed one hour of sleep. Usually not so bad when we sleep in the next morning. But this trip we couldn't because of family event.
Weather was great the whole week - sunny and 99 degrees by our (P and J - retired couple in early 60's) last full day. Bellagio Conservatory & fountains always on the to do list that is accomplished each trip.
But we both really enjoyed driving out to the new M Resort. Great drive with view of mts - even a little snow left on top of Mt Charleston. Beautiful inside with an Artisian Bakery (yum,yum!)
Try the chocolate croissant if you really dig dark chocolate. Red Cup Cafe has two sides all glass so you can look out at the mountains. Of course, it is all in your perspective. Waitperson said, "What mountains? I am from Oregon. I see foothills." Our response, "We come from flat Illinois. We see mountains." New game for us: 25 cent Deuces/Joker Bonus. Fun - esp since we played even.
Used coupon for breakfast at Ellis Island. P enjoyed the steak & eggs for $4.99 which accounts for the nine cabs sitting in the parking lot when we arrived. We walked from here to Terrible's to play craps but the $3.00 table was $5.00 so we declined. J sat at $1.00 9/6 Jacks or Better machine and proceeded to kick butt and take names. Would get up $30 to $45, cash out, and reinsert orginal starting money 4 times. Finally got a quad and quit. Folks on either side kept giving back all the wins.
Thursday had center stage 6 rows back seats for Terry Fator show at the Mirage. Wow, it was worth every penny. A ventriloquist, impressionist, comedian, singer who won 2005 "America's Got Talent."
The various dummy characters are a great mix that illustrates Terry's ability to sing and do comedy. At one point when doing Walter T Airdale and Michael Jackson, he mixed up the voices tho said the correct lines. He cracked himself up so that he struggled to finish that part. Of course, he came out for next section with, "I meant to do that." The audience could also see the band having a riot with the whole deal.
We opted to walk strip down to Bill's after the show. It was crowded walking. One cab driver commented that rides are down as more folks are getting their exercise.
We spent a lot of time playing video poker at the Palms. Finally got the great paying 25 cent deuces machines to give us 2 wild royals and one 5-of-a-kind. First time out of many sessions on these particular machines. Used points from the Palms for three free meals and managed to snag 4 free gifts and 1000 points from their various promos. Of course, we have to check the Ben & Jerry's at the Food Court. Near same are row of slant top pennies with 9/6 Jacks or Better. We did decent playing all 50 lines.
Also at the Palms, there is a bank of 10 25 cent 10/7 Double Bonus by the front door. We played all 5 on one side and within 30 minutes were ahead on all 5. Winners (each on a different machine) included 4 Kings, 4 Queens, and (yea!) 4 Aces. We quit when last machine had trouble printing out the ticket and we waited for technician to rescue it for us.
Overall, a really great trip. We will be back real soon.