I am not going to give very in-depth details, because the trip was months ago, but here we go:
This of course was my first trip to Vegas. I went with my dad and his two brothers. My grandparents, who frequently attend Vegas set this trip up for us.

We flew in US Air on a monday, i couldnt believe how close the airport was to the "strip" I was like, "we don't need a rental car, we can walk across the runway and be there."

First night there, we went and saw the Jubilee! show at Bally's (Courtesy of my Gparents). It was good, but i am more of a gambler than show-watcher.

The next day i was ready to dive into gambling...and we did. Being the first for all but one of my uncles, we did a lot of walking around. I played a lot of blackjack, mainly because as a first-timer i was not comfortable with any other games. i also played some video poker, and did fairly well. I do play a lot of Hol Em' (back home) so the last full day there, me and an uncle played at the sit and go Hold Em' table. My uncle faired very well (hitting a lot of the Bonuses), me...not so well. That game hit me the hardest.

One day we took a trip to state line. Being from the East Coast, we all just wanted to say we had been to Cali...it was neat, but wouldnt do it again.

I was able to celebrate my 23rd birthday in Vegas. That was very neat.

All in all i had a great time. On one night me and one of my uncles went out a good bit. We ate at ESPN, which was very average to say the least. After eating we ent over to centifuge at MGM for drinks. We proceeded to bar hop around the area for a while longer.

On the last night, me and my other uncle decided we were going to stay up all night, since our flight was to leave at like 9 the sext morning. We walked around the Luxor, constatnly playing eye games with prostitutes, which is something you don't get to see or do too much in SC. we later decided to walk to Hooter's casino, which was not the best idea. For on, it was 4:30, and the casino was TINY, nothing as great as i expected. Plus on the way back, right about the Tropicana, we heard a guy yelling and a girl walking by say "blood" when we passed by we noticed a guy had been stabbed. Me and my uncle looked at each other kinda stunned, and the cops arrived almost immediately, and we deicided we were not going to vere off the strip that late anymore. After that we went back and did a little more gambling before a hour-long power nap (yep we couldnt make it the full night). But all in all it was a wonderful trip. You kinda get lost and dont really realize how much fun you are having until you get home and think well i'm gonna go try a black jack table, but there is not one. i remember telling my uncle as we were getting off the plane that i was going to have to buy lottery tickets for a little while to ween myself off of gambling