I love this site, thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. I always remember to write mine when I am getting ready to book my next trip. So this trip was from last May, hope a few of you get a chance to read...

TRANSPORT: First trip out to Vegas without my wife, made it a boys' trip. Flew out of DC National early Saturday with a buddy ("Kev") to meet up with 2 friends from NY ("Wynn") and FL ("Saus"). So with 3 other guys from 3 states, so we had quite a crazy group. Flight out was fun, we chatted up a couple of older folks in back and started a little mini-craps game down the aisle. Kinda like a back-alley game. Otherwise uneventful, landed and jumped into a cab.

Our cabbie was a real grouch, he got offended when I politely requested no tunnel. I was just trying to watch out for myself, so whatever...

MONTE CARLO: Checked into Monte in 5 minutes flat and dropped our stuff off. We requested and got a room on the same floor as Wynn and Saus. Went down to the pool and those 2 guys were already hammered beyond belief. We grabbed a few drinks and hung around until the pool closed out, then ventured across the street to McDonald's for dollar burgers. Stopped off at the store and grabbed some beer and booze and headed back to Monte to freshen up for an all-nighter at the tables.

While getting ready for the casino, I BROKE MY CARDINAL RULE and took my entire wad of cash down with me. Mistake #1. The 4 of us crashed a BJ table and started out. Not too bad, up and down for an hour or so, and I just got bored, so I tried to drag the boys over to play craps but no one gave in. So I headed over and spent about 4 hours rolling the bones. Did fairly well for a while. One of the dealers (Robert) was spot on and had my bets placed almost before I could even get my chips down. Mistake #2: Kev and Wynn come to get me to go head over to NYNY at around 11. I was up about $300 and decided to stay. They came back around midnight and I was toast.

Spent the rest of the night chasing my money (Mistake #3) and headed back up about 5AM. Wynn and Saus banged on my door at 9AM (we had a cabana reserved. I found my pants from last night and discovered that I blew about 4 times what I planned on. Oh well, lesson learned. Leave the cash in the safe.

Monte's pool was AWESOME!!! We had a cabana and tube rental. The place was jumping, and a good variety of people of all ages. Good music, good drinks, and just relaxing fun. They had a $14 all-u-can-drink bloody mary special which was perfect after the previous night. Overall I think the cabana was $250 and our bar tab (1 bottle of Stoli, unk# beer buckets, and some food) was around $400 for 4 guys. Awesome day....

The guys headed out to Hard Rock for Body English, but I was actually way too wrecked to go. (I took a lot of heat for that too!) They came back around 3 and dragged me out of bed for a few more drinks before Wynn and Saus had early flights out (Mon morning).

Me and Kev had a couple extra days. We hit Hard Rock for the "Relax" pool party on Monday. Dropped another small wad at the outdoor BJ table before heading inside for $5 craps. Again, I was doing REALLY WELL for a while. I stepped away to talk to my wife on the phone and remember being up like $500. Gave it back by the end of the day.

Me and Kev hit the Monte buffet. Very very good, surprisingly good. We had a resort credit but I think it was $20 each. Biggest meal we ate all week. (I usually pig out with my wife in Vegas, but this time was strictly booze and $1 menu.) Freshened up and went strip-hopping. Walked up to center strip (Kev was a Vegas Virgin), saw all the free stuff. Went inside Bellagio, stopped at Bill's and played, stopped at Flamingo, then O'Sheas (my personal favorite) for a few $5 beer-and-shots. Went up to Casino Royale (my favorite craps table), and FINALLY walked away with about $100. Then went to TI and gave it back on BJ. Back to Monte and crashed.

Last day was Tuesday, checked out of Monte and headed to NYNY and played a bit more. Up and down. Finally gave up and headed back to the Monte pool. Kev played a bit more but I was just so frustrated I sat in the sports book, drank coffee and watched the NHL playoffs. This was my first time in Vegas without my wife and I think she is the brains behind my gambling operation. She has NO CLUE about Pass Line and Odds, but when she comes by and sees black chips, she TAKES THEM AWAY FROM ME!!! Gentlemen (and Ladies!), trust me it works...

Hit the redeye home and landed in DC by 8AM. I actually had to work at noon so that was a DISASTER.

So overall, it really was a crazy and fun trip, gambling woes aside. I will definitely look forward to my wife coming out again next time. I do enjoy Vegas much more when it is not straight partying and gambling. Shows, good food, good company, and seeing the sights. And then, of course, we can mix in some booze and craps! :-)

Monte Carlo pool
Monte crap dealers
Monte buffet
McDonald's $1 McDoubles
$20 cases of bud
NYNY craps lesson (for Kev)
Hard Rock Relax pool party -- NOTHING like Rehab

Throwing up in my ice bucket while the boys head out to Body English

Can't wait to go back!!! June 22nd!!!