Back to Vegas this spring with good room comps from Paris. We decided to stay a little longer this time as it speeds by so fast. We booked for 5 nights with 4 comped and 37.00 for the last night. Great rates for a great hotel. Our plane to Vegas was delayed an hour due to about 40 people missing. Must have been a connecting flight delay. That plane was going nowhere without those 40 people, so we sat for an hour. Flight was uneventful and soon we were checking in at Paris. I decided not to try the 20 trick as it was late in the day and the place was crowded with conventioneers. I asked for a king bed, strip view, smoking and after much taping around of the computer, we were on our way to the 4th floor. Queen beds, no view, but smoking! The room was nice and we were very close to the elevator and ice machine, so no need to complain. We both liked it there and would stay at Paris again. Love the central location. Paris was crowded but the casino seemed quiet and quite empty. We ended up going over to Bally's and spending much time there. It seemed to be packed most of the time, and table games were always full there. Not a lot of love this trip as i couldn't seem to put anything together to get any kind of a hit. Husband did somewhat better and had several nice hits on the dollar slots with a hand pay on the flaming sevens. Took a cab downtown and it is getting unreasonable to do so anymore. it was 25.00 up and 25.00 back. This could be ok if we had won something downtown, but it kicked our butts big time, and to add insult to injury, we had to cab back to the hotel to tap into more funds:( The last few hours we were there I noticed the ACE buses and found out they stop infrequently on the way to downtown. Seems like a better way to go. Something like 3.00 each way. Have to check into that more next time. We spent more for food this trip than usual, seems like prices are up all over. All in all we had a great time with a lot of laughs and even a losing trip is an enjoyable trip and it just makes you want to go back and have a redo. Better luck next time.