Flew Delta out of Atlanta on Mother's Day(05-10-2009). No problems whatsoever.
Was greeted with a Limo, from the Palace Station. Very nice and enjoyable.
We have been going to Las Vegas for the past 15 years. Always and will always stay at the Palace Station. We always stay in Towers, and rooms are great. Clean, update, and fantastic views, facing the strip. All nights were comped, and all meals.
Sunday: Arrived at 6:30PM. Checked in took less than 5 minutes. Took luggage up to our room(12002)and unpacked. Down stairs to play some slots. Husband and I just play video poker. Generally .25, with max bet. This time we played alot of $1 with max bet. I am so glad that we did. Sunday night, hit for $2000.00. 4 2's with kicker. What away to start your vacation. This is the first time, that I have ever had to do the tax thing, but anyway. We ate dinner at the Grand Cafe, which has everything to chose from. We usually don't worry about the money, because we are always comped.
Monday: Up at 10:30, Las Vegas Time and 1:30PM Kentucky time. Slept like a baby last night. Beds are the best, and linens, and accessories. Went down to pool, for some sun bathing. Never-Ever have had problems finding lounge chairs. Yes the pool is small, but it is perfect for the dipping and cooling off. They actually have 2, and both also have hot tubs. Ate at the Grand Cafe, again, and as usual just great. Played some slots, and yes I hit for $2000 again, playing Video Poker. 4 A's with a kicker. Another IRS form, but what the heck. We played off and on, that day for 4 hours, and hit several 4 OAK's. We always win at the Palace Station. We went to bed at around 11:30. Really tired and excited from winning another $2000!
Tuesday: Up at around 8:00, and room service. Perfect and good. Well, today is golf day for the husband. He plays at the Angel Park Golf Courses. He has been playing there for years, and they treat him as a local with a $29.95 green fee rate. I drive the cart for him, and watch and admire all the bunny rabbits and tiny squirrels running around. Unbelievable. After a round of 18 holes, we go to a Golf Shop, and we purchase a new set of clubs(Callaway 22 version), from our winnings so far. The last set that he got 3 years ago, he also purchased in Vegas, from a Royal Flush that he got at the Palace Station. We had tickets to see "The Jersey Boys" at the Plazzo for the 9:30 show. Money very well spent. Terrific show. There are couple of curse words that I was not expecting, but the show was great. Just want to let everyone know, that they do say the ---K word several times. I kinda got bent out of shape at first, but then things got much better. Got back to Palace Station at around midnite, and play some video poker. Won, lost, won, lost. Still had the money that we allocated us for the day, and are winnings minus the golf clubs.
Wednesday: Golf day again at Angel Park. Golf Clubs really working for the husband. He had a great day. We went early in the morning, at around 8, and were back at the Palace Station around 1. Ate lunch at the Broiler. This restaurant and its food is Great. I have never eaten Fried Shrimp, that you have to cut with a Steak Knife. Yes, I promise you. Unbelievable. We layed out by the pool for a two hours. Lounge chairs no problem finding 2. Played Video Poker for a couple hours. Got several 4 OAK's, but just keep playing and ended up down for the day. Still have our money for the rest of week and our winnings minus the golf clubs.
Thursday: Another golf day at Angel Park. Ate at the Broiler for dinner that night and played more Video Poker. We won around $900, on various 4 OAK's that day. Things really still going good for us on the winnings.
Friday: Layed out by the pool for the day. Had room service for breakfast. We played Video Poker at the Mexican Bar(Cabo) and ate dinner. All of drinks were comped and our dinner as well, because we were playing Video Poker. Lost this day. Just don't when to stop! Our flight is tomorrow, Saturday at 1:30, so we went up stairs to start packing, so we would not have to do it all Saturday.
Saturday: Breakfast room service. Played some more Video Poker and lost about $400. Limo took us to the airport at 11:45. Very sad to leave but we are planning trip in October or may even do the week after Christmas. Temperature, was in the High 90's, and that Sunday was to reach the triple digit numbers. Really it was not hot at all. We were out in Vegas 3 years ago, the week of 4th of July, and we have pictures, where in the Van, at Hoover Dam the temperature reached 123'. I promised that I would never go that time of the year again.
Everything that I stated about the Palace Station is the truth. It is a great place to stay. The staff is really friendly and will go way beyond making your stay enjoyable. Janet Anderson is our contact person, and is just a joy to deal with. I hope that my report has been helpful and enjoyable. Thanks to everyone's report, they are enjoyable and very helpful.