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Day 1 Monday
One of my favorite Vegas fantasies involves taking someone there who hasn't been there before and showing them all that I Love about Vegas. Robyn had been there, but not since she turned 21 and Tami had never been there before. Yippee! I'm sure this will be more fun for me than them!

Our party included my 23yr old niece, Robyn, her friend,. Tami (who will, collectively, be referred to as 'the girls-), my best friend, Jane, her husband and her father (in his 80's- but he just loves them slot machines!) Prior to leaving, Jane and I taught the girls the fundamentals of Blackjack at my kitchen table.

The day of the departure started out poorly when I managed to pull a muscle in the left hip area. I called my doctor and asked hm to provide a miracle and he provided one in the combined form of muscle relaxers and prescription pain killers. The meds worked and my body seemed to work, albeit a bit painfully and slowly. We flew out of Detroit on Spirit Airlines at 8:10 pm. Flight went quickly and without any problems and we were in Vegas in time to check in at the Flamingo and hit the Strip.

After showing the girls the Carnival Court we headed into Harrah's where they played slots for the first time and learned the age-old Vegas lesson about money going in but not coming out of the machines. We also stopped at the Triple Play table where you play three bets for War, Blackjack and 6 card poker. The dealer was fun and the girls had their first table game experience.

Tuesday, May 12
The younger girls went to the pool only to find that 10 am is too late to get a spot. After horsing around with video poker for a couple hours I met up with them and we went over to Bellagio. Unfortunately the conservatory was in the middle of being re-decorated so that was a bust. Didn't see the fountains either but did manage to have an outstanding meal at the Bellagio buffet. Following this late lunch we waddled over to Caesars and the girls enjoyed the Forum Shops; then it was back to Bill's where we were able to catch some of the Big Elvis show. I played some Blackjack Switch and won a bit.

After a short nap and watching American Idol, the girls went out, on their own, for the night and I went to play poker with Jane in the Flamingo poker room. Neither of us did that great and I chalked it up to my meds affecting my play.

Wednesday, May 13
The girls made it to the pool early enough to get chairs and some sunning time while I enjoyed playing video poker and slots for a while.

Later in the morning, we bought a 24 hour pass on the Deuce and rode down to MGM where we enjoyed watching the lions play and then over to the M&M store. Four floors of M&M products and we still had a difficult time picking out souvenirs for our folks back home...but we did! Then we hopped on the Deuce and rode down to Slots of Fun, as the girls wanted to play blackjack at a $2-3 table. The only low-limit table was filled so we walked over to Circus Circus where we sat down at a $5 table. The girls played their first hands of blackjack and loved it even though they were cleaned out within a short period of time. We took the Deuce down to the Mirage and did a walk through and then went over to the Venetian for a late lunch. We had lunch at the Grand Luxe Café, which is one of my favorite places to eat in Vegas. I've never been disappointed in their burgers and, of course, the portions are huge! The girls went upstairs to visit the Canal Shops while I dropped some more $ into a couple of slot machines. I'd report my wins and losses with slots and video poker; but I never hit anything significant and I never lost that much. We visited the Mirage and then back to the Flamingo to rest up. We went downtown on the Deuce this evening. It took over an hour to get downtown due to the crowded bus and lots of stop and go. We were just in time to see the Fremont Experience light up with a tribute to Don McLean's American Pie. We saw a sign advertising $3 blackjack at the Fremont so we headed over there and the girls had a blast, once again, playing blackjack. This time their money lasted a little longer. We visited Golden Gate in order to eat in the deli and I enjoyed their famous shrimp cocktail. We stopped off to see the Golden Nugget; the girls were impressed by the pool there. We then stopped in at the Four Queens and played some nickel video poker. Wouldn't you know, I hit four 4-of-a-kinds while playing nickels! It was after midnight by then so we hopped back on the Deuce and took a nice leisurely drive down the Strip.

Thursday, May 14
There's not much I remember about this day except that a big chunk of it was spent at Casino Royale. I attempted to get a coupon deal to see Nathan Burton at the Flamingo with a buffet for $19.99 but found that he did not perform on Thursdays. Instead we went to the discount ticket outlet, now located in the front of O'shea's, and purchased tickets to Mac King's afternoon show at Harrah's for $15 each. I have seen Mac King before and even though the girls thoroughly enjoyed the show I was left feeling a bit underwhelmed. We moved on to Casino Royale after catching a quick bite to eat at the fast food outlets between Harrah's and Casino Royale. Both girls signed up for slot cards and were awarded the opportunity to have free play on the designated machines in the hopes of hitting a jackpot before the free play disappeared. Well one of them played hers out pretty quickly and the other played and played before she too was out of credits. For low rollers it was fun to just be able to sit there and play the slots for a period of time with no investment. I gave my niece a little money to try roulette and instructions that she must place half of it on red or the first spin. She did so and won so she was able to play roulette for a number of spins on the winnings. They also had to try Wheel of Fortune since they had coupons for a bonus with a wheel spin win of 40 credits or more. Neither girl could get that win although they both hit for lower wheel winnings. The cocktail waitress knew us by now and the drinks were coming as often as we needed (-) them. We sat at a blackjack table for a while. Tami and I lost and got up leaving Robyn at the table. Being the adorable and sweet 23 yr old female that she is, she began attracting a sizable group of young men and all the attention and the free drinks she could want. She learned that you can actually spend more than you brought with you (hello, ATM!). At one point the dealer actually held the game while Robyn took her new table mate/male friends outside to take a picture! We had to drag her away from the fun table in order to catch our flight home.

The flight home was uneventful and we slept our way back to Detroit, arriving in the very early morning hours. This concluded another really fun- albeit- drug-aided, trip.