We were attending a bowling tournament at the Cashman Center. My husband Ricky had 2 shifts to bowl, Wed 8:30pm and Thur 11:30pm. I was not in love with that schedule as I knew it would cut in to our playtime.

We flew Southwest out of New Orleans. Flight was suppose to leave at 5:10 pm. In all of the years that I have flown SW to Vegas this is the 1st time it was not on time. We flew out with some friends who were also bowling. Quite a few of our other bowling buddies had flown out Monday and earlier Tuesday. In all there were about 30 of us. We finally reached Vegas at 8:10pm. 1 hour late. We were all staying at different properties so we all took seperate transportation. Cabbie was awesome 15.00 taxi ride plus 5.00 tip.

We arrived at the Flamingo and dispite what I had heard check-in was a breeze. 10 minutes and with the $20.00 trick we aere upgraded to a very nice suite. Large wet bar and granite bar top three stools, very large dining and living area, large bedroom, 2 full baths. Our rooms were comped before the upgrade so what a score for 20 bucks.

We got unpacked and decided to play for awhile before bed. I had been up since 4:00 am aas I had to work 1/2 day Tuesday. We started playing at the Flamingo. Ricky was playing BJ and I started on the Dean Martin machines. I started with 20.00 and played .30. The machine was giving me all kind of wilds and great combos so I bumped up my bet to .60 and ended up cashing out for 180.00. Not a bad start. We walked over to Paris were I did pretty much the same thing but on Cashman with the stand alone maxi/mini jackpots. It was then after 2:00 am and we decided to go to bed. Hubby was not doing well at all.

Wed- We got started at 6am. Ate breakfest at The cafe in Flamingo, it wasn't bad at all. Its hard to screw up eggs. We hit the strip at 7 am. We both love NYNY so we head that way on foot. Decided to try Monte Carlo 1st and Ricky hit a Royal. but on the nickles so its 200.00. He was down from the night before so he was playing damage control. Still not a bad hit. We get to NYNY and could not hit a thing. I was very disappointed in the choice of machines. The place looks dingy and dark compared to what I remembered from 2007. We did not stay long. Head back towards Flamingo and decided to stop at Planet Hollywood. What a nice place. It was so large and clean. The games were much better, newer than NYNY or Monte Carlo. I again cash 100.00 on Cashman stand alone jackpots. Rickey was about 40.00 ahead on VPoker. Next stop Ballys. I played Deam Martin and held my own, Ricky played Video poker and drop a few. Well now its time eat a late lunch a Paris buffet. It was good as always. Its back to Flamingo to rest a bit before heading to bowling center. We had to be there 2 hours before the shift started. We shower and change head out to the taxi area. It was an expensive ride 25.00. He went the interstate and the traffice was pretty bad. Everyone I spoke to said he should have gone the strip, who knows. Ricky was bowling the team event and he bowled so well. His teamates really bowled bad. The have a side bet in bowling called brackets and Ricky piced up some money there. We had to go to Binions to pickup winnings. While the rest of the wives and I were waiting for them to finish, we head outside for a smoke and hear someone screaming for help. We just ignored a first thinking we were hearing things. We hear it again and really loud. The shuttle driver for Binions was sitting there and we asked if he had heard it. He said yes and maybe we need to check it out. 6 of us and him start heading in to the parking lot. A security van is heading over to the area of the screams and the guy who we thought was injured starts cursing the officer out. We all freaked and started running back towards the center. We then saw 3 police cars converge on him and we went in. After the shift was over we caught the shuttle and the driver told us that the guy who had been screaming had just gotten bad news from back home and was in really bad shape. When we arrived at the payoff location I hit a Happy Days Machine for 170.00. We got back to Flamingo after another 25.00 taxi ride and went to bed at 5:30 am.

Thursday - We got up later than I have in years, 1:30pm. I was so tired. We head out for a bite and end up at the buffet at Flamingo. It really wasn't bad and the price was right. We are not about the eating in Vegas. Its just fuel. We decided to walk the other way towards the V. We had the best time there. The new property is just awesome. We ended up about even. I played Wheel of Torture and various other penny machines and so did Ricky. Well as usual I wanted to go to Wynn and I always do bad there. This would be no exception. I dropped 200.00 in a blink of an eye. I start going bad and then I chase my money. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!! Oh well. We decided to eat a subway for the walk back and stop a TI. Another place I have never done well at. Drop another 50.00 quickly. Now I am disgusted. I decide that I am skipping bowling tonight and hitting the strip solo. We skipped Ceasers on the way back but hit Bellagio. I was saving Ceasers for my solo trip. HAhHAhHAhahah. No good at Bellagio.

It was now time for Ricky to get going as he had to checkin at 9:30pm. off he goes and so do I. I head for C's. I started off ok. Cashman stand alone. Hit for 80.00. Walk around a bit and find the Forum Casino. Much nicer than the other part but still nothing to write home about. I am telling you, our local casinos have much better game choices and are more organized.I hate that they mix up all kind of games on each carousel. Another thing is the lack of WMS G+ games. WMS is not dominating the strip thats for sure. I saw more IGT games than anything. I head over to IP, yuck. The celings are 8 foot high the gaming choices suck and I did not stay there long, Oshea's,did not like it. Head back to Flamingo and proceed to lose more money. Finally went to bed at 3:45 am as we ahd to check out at 11am.

Friday - Our flight was at 6:40pm so we checked out at 11am and checked luggage at Flamingo. We ahd breakfest ar Bally's and played for awhile there to no avail got our butts kicked. Hit bellagio on more time and had the best gelato I have every eaten at the chocolate shoppe. Lost more money and headed back to retrive luggage and get to the airport early. We had not printed boarding passes so we wanted to checkin early. We had an easy checkin and decided to have lunch at the mexican place at about 3pm. We got to our gate and were informed that the flight was running late again, 2 in a row. We sat for an enternity and then are informed that another flght that was connecting to ours was going to be late and since it was the last flight to New Orleans they felt compelled to wait and we would be further delayed. We did not board the plane till 7:20 and take off till 7:40 pm.

Last Thoughts:

I was amazed at the number of vagrants on the strip this time. It reminded me of the French Quarter. I was not impressed with the selection of machines as I am a WMS girl and love the G+ games. Even the newer games were to few in number. I was really impressed with the Flamingo for service and loved our suite. I would stay there again. Our bowling tourney is in Reno next year and I have never been. I hope to get some tips from you guys for Reno. Thanks for reading.