Just some quick Highlights and Lowlights from our 5 night stay at Venetian May 13-18.


Dinner on the Lavo patio Thursday night. The Kobe meatball with ricotta and oreo zeppoli dessert should not be missed.

Lounging at the Palazzo pool just outside the entrance to the new AZURE pool bar.

Presidential Limo - Timely and courteous as always.

Friday night at Hofbrauhaus. Great crowd and a birthday spanking for our friend Michelle.

Lunch at Margaritaville. Nachos and a cheeseburger in paradise.

Saturday night at XS. Packed inside and out, blackjack and free drinks for the four of us that would have cost hundreds of dollars, and an appearance by Steve Wynn and Donald Trump.

Brunch on the Mon Ami Gabi patio. Great food, weather, and view.

Dinner at BB Kings Sunday night. Great food, a live band, and very reasonable prices.

Lunch at Zoozacrackers. The Zoozaburger never gets old, but the fries have changed for the worse.

Dinner on the SW Steakhouse patio. The perfect way to end a trip. Best filet anywhere! Great atmoshpere, great service, and all around great food. SW is the best of the best.

Lunch at Grand Luxe. No trip is complete without a Grand Luxe Melt.

Blackjack at Palazzo. All Palazzo tables are dealt out of a shoe, the rules are favorable for players, and I love being able to play multiple hands at the table minimum. They have some non-smoking tables, but still need more.


The Venetian rooms. They're not as nice or as clean as Palazzo. The doors are very heavy and housekeeping and guests start slamming them beginning around 8AM...which is not conducive to sleep. Housekeeping staff were inconsiderate and far from thorough. The wait to speak with front desk staff on the phone to address issues was very lengthy (15+ minute hold each call). We had none of these issues at Palazzo and will choose that Wynn, and Encore over Venetian in the future for sure; even for a higher price.

Smoke. I'm not sure why, but smoking was much more prevalent this trip. I cannot understand how all casinos do not offer at least a non-smoking pit (like MGM does) or a non-smoking slot area (like Palazzo does). Why does my throat have to hurt every night because other people are deciding to do something that....well let's not get into that here. Smoke was everywhere this time...Palazzo, Wynn, and Encore seemed to do the best job with ventilation.

Carnevino. Overpriced, pompous attitude, and small portions. We ordered an appetizer pasta for our table. The four of us each had a spoonful...no more. We later learned that was a double "entree sized" order that the waiter had placed without asking. Evidently the appetizer portion was much smaller. The overall experience was not great...not terrible but not worth the price. There are too many great restaurants in Vegas for us to return to Carnevino.

The Bank. Our wives would rate this place higher, but the bottle service prices are ridiculously high compared to other Vegas clubs ($545 for Grey Goose) and the club itself is a bit older...or appears to be. It also didn't help that they put us in a back room which made some of us feel that we weren't really part of the club. For a bottle (one bottle for a party of four), a six pack of red bull, service fee (still not sure why its charged), and gratuity (20% automatically added) the bill was well over $700. Comparitively, the same thing was in the mid $500s at Tryst...which is a MUCH nicer club. LAX, PURE, TRYST, LAX, and even Ghost Bar are all nicer than the Bank in my opinion. Next time out we're looking forward to trying Surrender at Encore.

I think that about covers it...until October...or sooner.