My wife's birthday was this week so we drove to Las Vegas with her sister and had a wonderful time at the Golden Nugget. We played slots, roulette, blackjack mostly.
My sis-in-law and I went on the water slide at the Nugget for the first time, it was a blast. We went 3 times in a row.
The machines seemed looser than usual at the Nugget.
We left L.A. about ten a.m., took our time, stopped for breakfast, stopped at Stateline (ooh, sorry, PRIMM) and drove into Vegas around 3 pm. Gas total: around $55. IHOP breakfast: $33.
Dinner at Mon Ami Gabi inside Paris was delicious. 135 for the 3 of us. We sat inside but looking straight out at the fountains of Bellagio across the street. Really a terrific table.
Another great meal, except for the service, which was friendly but the timing was off. The Salmon is to die for. So, so good. I had a strip steak, which I also recommend.
Quick slots story. My sister in law and I were walking back to the elevators (the room my wife and I stayed in was $39 per night, my S.I.L's was $59 per, as she had no players card or history of play at the GN. Still, not a bad deal.
Anyway, we're walking by the high limit slots area and we see a man in his sixties excitedly telling anyone around that he just won $10,000 on this $5 slot machine (he did 2 coins, totalling ten bucks per spin.). The win was big, as we could see for ourselves, the attendants were rushing over, it was a fun moment. He told us he had walked by this machine that morning, put in a twenty, and on the first pull won 2000 bucks. Here it was, one a.m. or so and he was going to bed, so he tried the machine again. Again, on the first pull, he won the ten grand.
Next morning, I'm walking by the high limit slots, which I never play, and thought, "Ah hell, that machine is cold now." Then that little voice said "Try it..." I put in a twenty. On the second and final pull (ten per spin, remember) something clicked and lined up and I won $850. A very sweet moment. And I got out; walked away with my ticket and went to the cashier.
My wife and her sis were thrilled. Temperature-wise, not too hot in Vegas, not very crowded, just right. We left town up six hundred from when we stepped out of the car, and we did some serious gambling. It was a blast. Found 3-dollar blackjack at the Golden Gate and Fitzgeralds. Love those 99 cent Shrimp Cocktails at the GG.
We came back refreshed by the beautiful place known as Las Vegas.