This is a combined report for two trips: May 16-18 at Caesars and May 29-31 at Las Vegas Hilton.

Join Player's Clubs! Both of these trips were totally comped. We were in town the first trip to catch Jimmy Buffett at the MGM Grand, courtesy of Harrah's Player's Club. The second trip was to see Fleetwood Mac at the same venue, courtesy of the Hilton. We are freaking penny slot players! The town is hurting for visitors, and we are taking advantage of it.

Food: Between the two trips, we ate on the cheap. Hots dogs at Slots-O-Fun, the buffet at South Pointe, Serendipity at Caesars. The highlight meal was the Buffet at Wynn. Nothing outstanding in the meal line, but the desserts take it to an entirely different level. I'd eat the entire meal at the dessert bar if I wasn't afraid it would kill me!

Gambling: Love the slots at M. Loose and ready to pay off. Hit a penny slot for over $300 in 5 minutes, then left. Score for the cheap guys!

Ask for the moon this just might get it. We had great seats for both concerts, and came home ahead on cash for both trips.