For starters, I feel it's very boring to read paragraph after paragraph about someone's flight or hour-by-hour gambling activities. Don't get me wrong, we dropped quite a few bucks and enjoy it tremendously (the gambling, not the losing). Simply do not think you really care about turbulence or whether we won or lost.

Below are some random thoughts and possible tips (in no particular order) that some might find helpful. This was our 5th time in Vegas.

* Plan ahead. Vegas can very overwhelming. We break each day into four hour increments and fill those time periods with the various things we like to do.

* Grab the American Casino Guide a couple of weeks before you go and review the coupons. We used 7 coupons and saved a couple hundred+

* Saw Foxworthy, Cher & Gordie Brown. All excellent shows. Brown was a 2 for 1 with coupon. Saved around $60.00. Used the "Locals Code" on Ticketmaster for Cher and sat in rear orchestra for the price of 2nd mezzanine seats. Saved around $140.00.

* Comped a 4 night stay. We're not high rollers and as such our room was to be a run-of-house room. Used the $20.00 trick and we were upgraded to the Augustus Tower. If you're able, always try the $20.00 trick. Can't hurt.

* Rented a car for the first time. Will do so from now on. Each casino we went to had free parking. The $2 tip for the valet was far better than the expense of a cab or the time it takes to ride "the duece". One morning, we drove to Lake Meade (about a 35 minute drive) and did the sightseeing/picture taking scene.

* Ellis Island Casino - What can I say. Our favorite. Used a coupon for 4 free drinks (two Heinekens; two Long Island's). We had the unadvertised steak dinner. Great meal; bill was $14.00. Unable to return for their fabulous ribs. 2 for 1 coupon unused. This place is on Koval (behind Bally's).

* Using the Casino Guide and check-in coupons, we also had meals at Orleans, Four Queens, Flamingo (twice), Rio and Caesars. Once again, seafood buffet ($10 off each meal) at Rio was terrific. I ate nothing but crab legs & lobster for over an hour. Would not return to Caesars buffet.

* Food is so plentiful in Vegas, that we find ourselves having two meals a day (breakfast & dinner). We avoided long lines by having dinner around 4:30 - 5:00pm.

* After our Lake Meade excursion, we had breakfast at the "Peppermill" (next to Riviera). Great place, huge portions.

* As has been stated many times before, gambling at the older casinos or on Freemont is the way to go. Odds are better for the player and your dollar seems to last a little longer.

Don't hesitate to write if you have questions or care for more detail on some of the above.