Hello everyone and thanks for your trip reports. If you like details, or have time to kill, you're in for a treat.


The travlers- me (s1) and friend (s2). We were headed back to Vegas for the Barry Manilow fan convention. As you might remember from my March trip report, Barry cancelled 2 shows during our birthdays in March, so we were eager for our Manilow fix.

The flights- Going I flew Continental and flew RSW to HOU, then HOU to LAS. The night before I upgraded to first class. This cost $240, but saved me $40 in bagage costs. On both planes I sat next to a nice guy who lives near me. I was hoping to get a date with him after I returned home, but I haven't heard from him. Another one got away!

I have to rave about Continental's first class food. It was an OUTSTANDING meal. The breakfast was a hot breakfast sandwich, a fruit cup, yogurt, and a hot cinammon roll. This is better than any food served at the Las Vegas Hilton for sure.

My flight home was another story. I was going LAS to ATL, then ATL to RSW. This time I was on Delta and seated in Coach with the rest of the cattle. I was in the very back of the plane. The bathroom smelled like an outhouse and it was hot as hell. We left LAS on a sunny day and we experienced the worst turbulence I have ever had. As we climbed to 10,000 feet, the plane shook and dropped so many times I seriously could picture us crashing into the desert. Some still drunk people only made the situation worse by screaming and being very loud. I have been skydiving before and am definitely not a nervous flier, but this was BAD.

My connection in ATL was not good either. We were delayed due to a late flight crew and when we got on the plane (I was in the back again, but thank God, no smell) we had to wait 15 mins. because the cockpit door wouldn't close. Luckily maintenance fixed it quickly. I left Vegas at 1:30pm and got to my house at 1:00 am. Long day.

Back to the start of the trip-I met S2 in LAS and we were off. We made the usual stops. Bus to rental car center, then to Walmart for snacks. Hilton check in was fine. My room had a fridge and I used her safe, since it was free.

We ate that first night at the Bellagio bufffet. It was overpriced for what we got. I'm sure I didn't eat $30 worth of food. We also saw the conservatory, which was nice as always.


S2 is a Hilton honors member so we went down to the free breakfast buffet before the convention started. It was good as always.

We then registered for the convention and went to the pool. As part of our package, we had a dinner out by the pool. The food was awful and they took forever to even give us water.

8pm- Manilow time! Barry's show was fantastic. It was longer than usual and he added songs from his Mayflower CD. I was so happy to hear original material. I am so mad at Clive Davis for making him do those 50s,60s,70s, and 80s cds. Our seats were 4th row on the aisle. Great show.

After the show was a disco where we danced to Barry songs. Nerdy but fun!


Gambling- I play $21 a day on Megabucks and this was my lucky day. I won $150. I also play Pinball, Wheel of Fortune, and video poker. There was a great .05 pinball machine in the space quest casino. I would probably still be there it was so lucky. I even got 2 pinballs in a row, when does that happen?

Today started with the usual breakfast buffet. Then we had pool time, then a lunch buffet and a talk by Barry's manager. He told us about upcoming events and said the Manilow wine would now be sold in FL liquor stores. All proceeds go to Barry's charity, so it looks like I'll be drinking a lot more. :)

We then had a dinner buffet and then the Manilow show at 8pm. Our seats were in row K- awful for a Fanilow like me. I felt like I was in Siberia.

After the show, Barry spoke with us about upcoming projects and answered some questions, but really didn't give any new information. My table was farther back again, so I was disappointed.


We had a breakfast buffet as part of our convention package, so I enjoyed that from 10-12. We had free Mimosas, so that made the food taste better! I then packed up dirty laundry and convention items and shipped them home at the business center.

Since she knew the Barry fans would be there, Suzanne Somers gave two lectures (not part of our package) on living longer and hormones. I don't like the cheesy stuff she sells on QVC or Home Shopping, but she is a hell of a business woman, so S2 and I decided to go to her talk. We got tickets at the last minute and ended up in the 3rd row. It was $50 to go, but I wouldn've lost that in a slot machine anyway.

I was very impressed with her talk. She seems to have done her research and spoke for an hour with no notes. I hope her information is correct. I am in my forties now, so stay tuned to these trip reports to see if I'm posting when I'm 100- ha ha.

Since the convention was over, we were on our own for dinner. Finally- I MADE IT TO THE PEPPERMILL! It is very close to the Hilton and is a must see. The decor is blue and purple and has lots of glass. They must spend thousands of dollars on Windex. It's very shiny. GO THERE!!! It has an 80's retro vibe to it. I got the conquest sandwich with cottage cheese. The portions are huge and the food was top notch.

8pm was our last Manilow show. This time we had 5th row tickets and the show was good as always. Barry was having trouble with his sound guy and kept telling him to "turn down the wedges". Whatever that means, maybe a musician reading this will know. It was distracting to keep hearing that, but Barry is a bit of a diva and wants everything just right.

After the show, we met friends at the Paradise Cafe. Their food is so awful, that I just sat at the table and talked. I wouldn't even buy a cup of coffee from them- their food is that bad.


Memorial Day. We checked out together, got gas for the rental (only $10), and dropped off the rental car. I thought the airport would be packed, but there was no line at Delta to check in. Amazing. I've seen the airport busier at 4am. I detailed the flight above, so I won't talk about it again.

I won't be back to Vegas until 2010, so please keep the trip reports coming so I can pass the time.

Thanks for reading- you know I can't smile without you!