First off thanks to all who write reports , I love the read and it keeps my juices flowing for my next trip. This was my first stay at paris , my wife and I started by trying the twenty dollar upgrade and it worked but unfortunately my wife is a smoker and the upgrade was to a non smoking room cause that was all they had so I politely declined the upgrade and told the check in clerk to keep the twenty because she did what we asked but the non smoking thing would have put a damper on my wife's vacation. So our view was a view of parking garage I think but the room was ok nothing spectacular but adequate enough for us ,as we do not spend a lot of time in our room to begin with. The gambling was fairly good to start, I started at roulette about twenty minutes into our trip and within 15 minutes I was up over a $1000. We pretty much stayed even the next few days with little wins and little losses. our daily gambling budget runs about $1000 per day and we stayed up until the last day which was just awful and we (I) took a shitkicking on the craps tables at ballys on our last day. So our gambling totals are -100$ for our trip.
Food and entertainment: We didn't venture out like we normally do we enjoyed meals at burger brasserie (B+), margarittaville (A+) the chicken caeser and wings were awesome, the buffet at Planet Hollywood was yummy (B+), Ellis Island restaurant (Steak special 6.95 for 10 oz ribeye, baked potato, caesar salad and a beer was unbelievable A+),and paris room service food was good as well (B). Now the bad , The Paris Levillage Buffet was not near as good as I remembered and the lines to get in were crazy(C), The tequila bar at bally's ,right next to the sidewalk cafe was awful terrible food and service(D)and the absolute worst was the Hooters restaurant at the hooters casino I ordered wings and they were absolutely horrid and I couldn't eat them. It was like eating grease by the mouthful and trust me when I say I LOVE WINGS. This was the absolute worst (F). Went to the live airing Of the one more round radio show outside at hooters pool and it was fun got to meet a lot of fighters there, and then went to UFC 98 at mgm the next night had a great time and we didn't have great seats but that didn't matter cause there didn't seem to be a bad seat at the grand garden arena. We also did a cabana rental at the paris pool and we loved it . It was the first time we ever did that and we really enjoyed it. If your with a group of four or more I would highly recommend doing the cabana rental as it was a blast. Well another trip done and I'm starting to plan my next one for probably september and yes I probably will stay at paris again, so everybody keep writing and I'll keep reading!!!!