I have been to Vegas about 60 times over the past 20 years. For the last 5 years or so I have been staying mostly at the RIO. Enjoy the RIO because of easy parking and easy access to the freeway. We usually rent a car, if not I stay at Harrah's. This time I stayed at the Encore for the first 2 nights comped. The rooms are the best. Very nicely decorated and large. The room was the best thing about the casino, so I won't be staying there again. The casino atmosphere is kind of "stuffy". Good cocktail service but not a fun place to gamble. Boyfriend would not play BJ because of the 6/5 payout and the slot selection was limited. It was a very small casino. Also did not like the location. It is too far from everything else. The service there is the best, just not a fun place.

The last 2 nights at the RIO where also comped. Like to stay there because I get comped on food also. Boyfriend had a very bad experience at the spa. He said it was not well kept and very bad service. He complained and the charge was taken off the room. Food is good at the buffet. Again a 6/5 payout on BJ so we went over to Gold Coast to gamble. Slots at RIO were not to bad this time. Usually I lose a lot but this time I stayed about even. It was good to go home knowing that I didn't lose any money this time. I would like a big win, but not losing is good too. The rooms at the RIO are really looking worn to me. I think the whole place needs a face lift. The amenities in the room are not very good, cheap products. The soap was so harsh that I broke out in a terrible rash because it was so drying to the skin. Next time I will bring my own. The music at the pool is so loud that we had to leave. I like music but not so loud that you can't hear your own IPOD.

High light of the trip was the Fleetwood Mac concert. That is why we went. Very good concert. Walking through the MGM made me remember how much I like it there. I used to stay there. I also have comped rooms there anytime I want them. Next time I think I will stay there.
Flew on Southwest Airlines without any problems. Like SW better than North West so will always fly with SW if I can. Hopefully will be back in October.