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Eight of us flew out for a quick weekend get away. Flew Allegiant. Like the direct flight,
hate the early departure on the way back.
Hit the pool right away after arriving. The lazy river at the MGM is awesome! Love floating
around with a cold beer taking all of the sights. Took the one Vegas virgin on a mini tour
and ended up at the ESPN zone for supper. The nachos were great, the burger sucked.
Played some slots back at the MGM. They were tighter than heck, so went to the blackjack
table. Four from our group played for an hour plus. The dealer, Benny, was entertaining.
Everyone made some cash ranging from $50 to $500. It was a good time.
Hit the pool early Saturday and then took the new guy on a tour to the other end. Stopped
at every casino on the way down and put $5 in a machine in every place. Came out a little
ahead with a number of $5 to $10 wins. Ate at Margaritaville and downed a couple of
Mango's. Great way to spend an afternoon. The only celebrity sightings were Pete Rose
and Joan Collins from the old Dynasty show back in the 70's-80's. Not worth getting too
excited about.
After walking back to the MGM and taking a short break, headed over to Hooter's to eat
and have a few beers. The service at Hooters was terrible and the women were nothing
special. Got tired of that place and the group decided to hit a strip club. The girl at the
cab stand suggested Saphire and got us a free limo ride there and our first drink free. As
soon as we stepped into the place the women came flying at us like a pack of wolves with
their eyes on our cash. The temptation was much bigger than my money clip, so I didn't
stick around long. Those that did, had a good time. $100 to go in the back room, $400
for an hour. Being a tightwad, it was out of my price range.
Sunday, hit the pool and then played some BJ at the Trop. Had a good run and then went
to NY to play some Ultimate Texas Hold'em. Made a little and then met up with the rest of
the group. Headed down to TI to catch the Siren's show. I had seen it before, but the
others hadn't. Not a bad way to kill 20 minutes. Headed to the Mirage to catch the new
volcano. The remodeled volcano sucked. The old one was much better. Ate at
Margaritaville again and caught one water show at the Bellagio before heading back to the
MGM. Played one final game of Texas Tea before calling it a trip. Finally hit one for $60
and cashed it in.
Hope to make one more trip out this summer. Possibly staying at Mandalay Bay to soak up
their pool.