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I went alone, Mon/Tue at Fitz, Wed/Thur at
South Point.

Start at Fitz. A bit of a dump but a good
value since I get free rooms and food. Most
employees are friendly but there are couple who
are surly. Hell if I had their jobs I would
be too. A good gamble and I won a ton. I
gambled, ate and slept in that order.

They need to invest in a good plumber. Everytime I
stay here there's water running from something.
What a waste. They have value meals in the
cafe/buffet now. Reasonable and good. Had a
food credit so ordered a $20 steak in the cafe.
What a mistake. It still had marks where the
jockey was hitting it. Stick with the salad bar.
The theme downtown was summer of '69. Heard the
same sound track way too many times.

Went to South point after 2 days. Opposite
experience. Place was very nice. Did the resort
thing. Swam, worked out in the gym, saw a movie,
bowled, drank many Guinesses, lost my ass gambling.
Everyone was great here. Place was slow and I think
they were letting employees and their famlies stay
for free.

This is a place the wife would like with a good
variety of restaurants but without a rental car
you're pretty far from the strip if that means much
to you. They have a shuttle to the airport which
was nice. Rates are cheap now so this is a very
good value. My only complaint was that when I got
my cash back they had some sort of check cashing
promotion. After 45 minutes in line I said screw
it. They should provide an alternative window for
these types of transactions. I'd go back here.