OK so here it is.....My sister and I planned a trip to vegas specifically to see The Donny and Marie Show... being children of the 70's I had my pair of purple Donny Osmond socks and still get a flutter at the thought of hereing Donny sing "Puppy Love" and my sister likes him too. Well all I can say is both Donny and Marie did not disappoint us..They were GREAT!!!! If you ever have the chance to go see them DO IT!! I surprised my sister with VIP tickets so we were right in the front next to the stage. We got high fives and hand shakes as did some of the others in the front rows. Marie was a complete doll and she looks even better in person. It is hard to beleive that she will be 50 this year... she looks amazing. Both her and Donny are in good shape and do many dance numbers... Both Donny and Marie went out into the crowd and Marie kissed 4 bald guys on the heads..too funny And she called one guy on stage and held him close and they sang a song together and he got a picture taken with her. There was only one draw back to the show and that was some drunk woman sitting front and center yelling and screaming every other song and really making an *ss of herself. Several people complainted about her after the show. I would have thought someone from security would have told her to knock if off or leave the show. Even Donny tried to shush her up and she still did not get the hint.

Anyway, we got to go to the meet and greet after the show and this included getting our picture taken with both of them. One picture was free with the VIP and others you could purchase. We had a great night with many memories to take with us...then after the show we gambled and I played the Star Trek slot machine... oh boy was that a trip! I got the bonus round and heard all the special effects coming from the seat and wow it was awesome!!!! I got to like 3 levels of shooting from the enterprise and ended up with 76.00 on 5.00 bill.. I stopped and moved on to monopoly.. Loved this one. I wish we had these at our hometown casinos. Im tired of texas tea and jackpot party!!! My other favorite was wizard of oz... I was hooked on this one too!

We stayed at Ballys and that was fine.. not a fancy place but the employees were all nice and our room was clean. Nice area on the strip. I did notice that we had more slot wins down the strip at the casinos mid area then at MGM,NYNY or EXCALIBUR.. will not play at these casinos.. sucks up your money like a hoover vacuum!Paris was my favorite and slots were good to us here. was up 300 dollars and kept this for day 2 gambling. Overall it was an excellent trip and many people were there on the weekend. I want to go back soon...... VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!!!