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Drove to Vegas (500 Miles). Arrived at around 1:00 p.m. and check-in was no problem what-so-ever. Had read negative things about LVH; however, I thought it was great. The free parking is very close. Got to our rooms and I thought the room was okay. I don't go to Vegas to sleep. The bed was comfortable, the decor was nice, the room was clean. What else do I need for $59 / night, which included free buffets daily.

I have stayed in some BAD rooms in vegas going for the cheap rates. DO NOT stay at Fitzgeralds Downtown. TRUST ME.

We did not set foot int he pool at the LVH; however, I looked around. The pool area is nice. They have a weekend party at 8:00 p.m.

Gambling - The gambling was fine at LVH. Table games are table games. Really doe snot matter where you play. I play $5 on table games when I found them and $10, which was always availabel at LVH. My wife plays nickle video poker. I guess we played enough, as we are not getting great offers (this is written in Nov. 2009) and we are headed there (LVH) in December on free rooms.

Anyway, not to beat a dead horse. If you want a nice place at a reasonable rate, I don't think LVH can be beat.