Last year, 9 family members went to Vegas to join my parents who bowl in a tournament at this time every year. We had a ball. This year, more family members decided to join us on this trek and the count grew to 14! Mom, Dad, Aunts, Sister, an honorary Sister, Uncle, nephew, niece and hubby, sister-in-law and me and my wife, the BunnyKat. We were coming from 5 different states and staying in 4 different hotels. (Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Arizona, & California. 4 in Caesars Palace, 6 in Planet Hollywood, 2 in the MGM & 2 in the Orleans) This will be a challenge to get us altogether at once. The age range starts at 17 and end at 72. Of the 14, only one had never been to Vegas before. (Not the 17 year-old, this is his second trip believe it or not)

Flight from VA was an hour late but we made our connection in Dallas and arrived in Vegas at 10:30 pm. My phone rang a moment after I turned it on and it was my Uncle from Ohio. His plane had just landed also so we planned to meet at the baggage claim. There was only one tram working at the airport yet again so dozens of unhappy people herded themselves toward the doors when it arrived. It was so bad that my uncle was standing two feet from me and I didn't even notice him. Got the bags and shuttled over to the rental center to pick up a car from Thrifty. There's a ton of people there but no one is in line at the Thrifty counter. Nice. But wait, there's a sign in front directing all thrifty customers to the Dollar rental car counter. The line there looks like opening night at a new Star Wars movie. I'm in line with all the other pissed off folks when one of the counter persons yells: 'Are there any Thrifty Blue Chip members in line' If so, come directly to me. I beat feet out of that line so fast you may have thought I had on roller skates. So, I get my choice of Dodge Chargers and my mind goes with the Champagne colored one but the little devil on my shoulder says: 'Get that fire-engine red one. It's Vegas, be obnoxious and stand out' Good ideal I say as a plink the devil off my shoulder. (Don't worry, he'll be back.) I drop my aunt/uncle off at the Orleans and head to Caesars. There's so much new construction that the only way to get into the parking lot is to hit the strip. We parked and walked the 1.2 miles from the garage to the registration desk. I pulled out a $20 and staged it with my credit card. I had told BunnyKat that I was going to score a $20 trick upgrade if it kills me this trip. (I'm like 1 for 10 on this and the only time it worked was in Atlantic City.) I'm checking out the 3 clerks and hope that I get the big-haired chick or the Asian guy. They look like prime candidates. The other lady was prim and proper, no sense trying to sway a Mormon. The Asian guy calls for me. I walk up & say: 'Hey, you look like one of those MIT card-counting guys!' He laughs and explains that he wouldn't be working the graveyard shift at Caesars if he'd won that kind of money. Cool, ice broken, friendly reply, now strike while the gettins' good! I pass my credit card and the $20 to him and ask: 'Can you upgrade me to a suite'? This may sound presumptuous but I think it didn't work before is because I was just ask for an upgrade and that would only get me a strip view. He types away and hands me the keys to a comped Petite Suite. Woo Hoo!! The room is really nice, two bathrooms, huge adjoining shower with dual heads, bidet, (or boo-tay depending on your vernacular), flat screen, pool view, free munchies, etc. We're starving so we head to the Augustas Café where a glass of coke cost $5. We both ordered water and flavored it with our handy carry-anywhere crystal lite pouches now with fiber! Hot wings and a Reuben sandwich with fries came to $35 with tip. We'll be eating at the K-mart buffet before we eat here again. Goofed around awhile on some slots while watching the circus evolve via Pure nightclub. Caesars clientele turns to crap at night. Lots of hoochie mommas and wanna-be players are abound. Found one of those robotic Black-Jack machines for multiple players and jumped on it. The dealer was a hot lady who favored actress Liv Tyler. I won $150 playing and 'flirting' with her. But, 'they' (robotic pit bosses?) changed the dealer on me. Now I'm facing a 20-something black male who could be related to me. 'What's up bro'? But this guy isn't friendly at all. He just keeps looking at me with those soulless eyes repeating the words: 'Insurance' 'Insurance'? Robo-Bro takes some of my money back by constantly drawing 21. I decide that he's no brother of mine and pack it in for the night. It's 5am.

Day 1, Saturday

You didn't actually think you'd get any sleep in Vegas did you?

My cell phone rings at 6:30am. A friend in Virginia is calling. 'Hey, are you sleep'?
'Well, I was having this dream that I was on a nude beach with Beyoncee giving me a foot rub but thanks for waking me up.'
'Oh, sorry, I'll call you later.'
Loser! I 'sleep for a few more hours until my honorary sister (H-sister) calls to tell me she's arrived. So I throw my clothes back on and drag myself to the airport. My real sister has arrived also. So I dropped them off at Planet Hollywood to check-in while I go back to shower and dress. Wife has already showered. I decide that I'm going to take full advantage of this dual-head shower by using both heads but there's a problem. They appear to work opposite of each other and one side of me is freezing while the other side is getting the lobster treatment. I scream as I try to manipulate the controls before wifey comes to my rescue. I'm suffering from shrinkage & bloating; my genitals are smaller and my ass is fatter. I'm going to complain to the management. Later, we head over to the Flamingo to eat at the Tropical Breeze café. I forgot what we had but this place never disappoints and is never that crowded. We play around on the slots/Keno machines for a while and get a cheap massage from those chairs in front of the café. My parents call to announce their arrival and we head back to Caesars to check them in. This comped room is possible via a joint wife/father's total rewards points. They didn't try the $20 trick so they get a room in the Palace tower. We leave them to freshen up. My sis in-law, nephew, niece and hubby have arrived and are checked into Planet Hollywood. Later, 10 of us meet up at the Flamingo. My Uncle at the Orleans is AWOL. His knee is hurting him. Some of us play there while some leave. I play video keno while having a discussion with a couple of nice ladies. Turns out that one of them won about 20 thousand dollars playing these very same machines last night! Quarter Keno machines kicking out thousands of dollars?? I'm hoping for just a few hundred and free drinks. She said she kept jumping from machine to machine and doubling her bet. Sooo, I started slapping that Max Bet button like I was in a slot tournament. But at $4 a game, it ate up $100 dollars in little time. Enough of that. BunnyKat is having fun on a Goldfish machine somewhere. Later on, we travel to the Orleans with my parents who want to practice bowling for their upcoming tournament. My father and I got whipped by the wife, mother, and aunt. (my uncle pretended to have a hurt knee) This was not a good idea for me as my elbow tendinitis kicked in big time. Didn't bowl worth a damn and my arm is hurting. I hope this doesn't affect my slot playing capabilities. BTW, Las Vegas is a bowling Mecca. The Orleans, Gold Coast, Sams Town, Red Rock, etc. all have some of the biggest bowling alleys in the country. It is also a very cheap way to avoid gambling. ($3 a game, 1$ on weeknights after midnight, they're open all nite) We went back to Caesars, lost more money and turned in around 3am.

Day 2, Sunday, Meet day

Ye shall seek sleep, but sleep shall not be found...

My cell phone rings at 7:30am; it's my sister calling. 'Are you awake'?
'Yeah, sure. In fact I've already jogged to the Golden Nugget and back 3 times and now I'm doing 1-handed push-ups to cool down!'
She's still on an East coast sleep schedule; I'll have to keep her up tonight. I get up and shower careful to use only one shower head this time to avoid another crotch-freezing, butt burning experience. I log on to let my online buddies at LV4ever know what I'm up to and to borrow money from them. I offered them a way to 'invest' in my gambling abilities with a promise to double, triple or quadruple their money by playing that 2x, 3x, 4x slot machine. But they didn't want any part of my 'Donzi' scheme so I'll just have to rough it with my own dwindling bankroll. I check my email and my bank has shut down my ATM access with the notice that there is ATM usage outside of my normal area. 'Well duh!' That would be me swiping that puppy so hard that the brown stripe is now white. So, I have to call 1-800-uripoff to validate that my card is just fine before I can use it again. The automated system is essentially assuming that someone has ripped me off and they'll refund the money to me??!! That miniature devil appears on my shoulder again and whispers: 'Go for it, you deserve it, these banks have been robbing you for years .' I ponder that thought as a smile forms at the corners of my mouth. But, a little angel appears on the other shoulder and explains: 'that's not right. You made a decision to come here and lose money so you should live with that decision. You would be committing fraud against the bank.? Good point, but the devil counters: 'the same bank that gets bailout money? Give me a break!? The angel answers: 'Don't do it, what would your parents think'? But the devil is relentless: 'Forget him; buy your parents dinner at Wolfgang Pucks with the cash you'll get back!' I think for a moment before plinking the devil off my shoulder yet again. 'stupid morals have been the bane of my life,' I think as I accept the charges and reactivate my card. The angel smiles and slowly fades away. My cell phone beeps with a message from Doxie, we plan to meet her and Pebbles from WBTALV at the Flamingo coffee shop. These two lovely ladies are very nice and a pleasure to meet. I really appreciate Doxie taking time out considering that she had to be on a plane in just a few hours. I finally had the opportunity to give Pebbles an autographed bookmark after promising to mail it to her home in England a year ago. We sat and chatted for almost an hour. We took several pictures together and I hope to see them again in Vegas with more time. We head over to Horrahs, I mean Harrahs to eat at the Café?. This is also an inexpensive yet good place to eat. (I'm a cheap bastard when it comes to food) Paid about $30 for a lot of food. Afterwards, I sat down to play some video Keno. (why keno this trip? I don't know!) I was about even for some time when this lady sits down two machines away from me and blows one out of her backside. She looked around to see if anyone heard it and I'm thinking: 'Hell yeah I heard that!' It wasn't a silent-but-deadly; it was a full blown somebody-stepped-on-a-duck fart. The foul smell that followed burned the hair out of my nose and completely funked out the Keno machine. For the first time in my life, I found myself desperate for the smell of a burning cigarette but was left wanting. I cashed out and shot her a disgusted look. She didn't care, probably had a whole salvo of those things ready to fire at any moment. Well, it was time for meet #2 at the Flamingo Garden Bar with members of the OpenVegas website so we headed that way. I was immediately greeted by that party animal Booker who I had met almost 2 years ago here. He shook my hand with a $5 bill in it. 'What is this' The $5 trick?? I handed it back to him, and he offered to buy me a drink. Fun guy. Finally got to meet Rhonda, a native Las Vegan who has been a friend and substantial contributor to the forum. VegasJacks, who organized the meet turned out to be a surprise. For some reason, everyone assumed SHE was a man! Nice to meet you Jacks, thanks for the arrangement. Ms. Whitt, BruceNJ & wife rounded out the group.. We talked for about 90 minutes and had a few drinks. Always nice to meet people from online forums. (except for the Neo-Nazi & Black Militants sites I joined...) We walked over to the Bellagio where we met up with my sister and H-sister to walk thru the conservatory. From there we headed to Planet Hollywood for meet #3 with all my family members at the Spice Market Buffet. Well, it's going to take awhile for everyone to arrive so the 3 of us stop at the Halo bar inside the Miracle Mile shops area and do a couple of shots of Jose Cuervo. A bartender named Tug was very entertaining. He juggled bottles, and the shots were only $3.50 each with a pineapple juice chaser. Now, at this point, I want to make it clear that we're not a family of drinkers but we're all in Vegas to let loose, not attend church.  With that said, everyone else shows up, (all 14 people) and the women decide to do 1 more shot. That includes my mother, the matriarch of the family. It was a classic 'Vegas moment'. All the women chugged down their shots with screaming and laughs but when we look at mom, her glass is still full? She looks at everyone in confusion and says, 'I'm supposed to drink all of it at once?' I was going to bring it into the buffet and sip it.' No mom, it has to be bottoms-up or nothing. So, she throws it back with everyone cheering her on including a dozen people we don't know with a loud applause at the end. Only in Vegas could this happen, this is why we come here. This was my first time eating at the Spice Market Buffet, I was not impressed, the menu was lacking for the price imo. It costs $63 for two people with a 10% discount on one of the meals. I put the Rio's Carnival world buffet well ahead of it. But, we had a good time there, service was great. 10 of us are planning to hit Fremont street which means I have to go get my car at Caesars and meet at the Halo bar at 8pm. (Dad has a car too, it's already here) It is now 7:10 and I decide to play some 100-draw video poker before I leave. I can leave at 7:30 and make it back in time. I'm doing pretty good playing Deuces wild and finally hit a non-Deuces royal Flush for 4000 credits. But, the celebration was muted because I was only playing a penny machine.  The rest of the family is scattered around the casino.

The Fastest Man in Vegas

I check my watch and its 7:45?!! GOTTA GO NOW! I blast out of Planet Hollywood like a mad man, pushing through an East Indian family that had 3x the amount of people we had. Down the escalator and onto the strip. 'Go big guy go!' I say to encourage myself as I push through the various slow walkers, blockers, strollers and spreaders. (people who walk slowly and spread wider to block the sidewalk) 'EXCUSE ME!' I yell as I bust through a couple who had just spread themselves in front of me. I guess an explanation is in order this madness. My father & his sister are very punctual people. Me? I have a rep for being late for past Vegas trips. So, I'm In front of Ballys now, breathing hard, pumping my arms and darting in and out of the sidewalk traffic. But, there's another problem, I'm easily distracted! So, the presence of Porn Slappers requires a small diversion. I cut back to the inside of the sidewalk and snatch cards from 3 porn slappers and high-five the last one as I bolt onto the escalator toward Bills Casino. Thank God it's only about 98 degrees because I can't take much more of this pace. A homeless guy yells something at me when I sprint across the crossover. The down escalator is broke so I have to watch my step. I was about to head up the next escalator to Caesars when I remembered that I had a $15 slot ticket from the Flamingo in my wallet. 'It's 7:52, still time!' I think in complete denial. I run into the Flamingo and head toward the casino cage. New problem, there's a dozen Japanese tourists staring at the redemption machine effectively blocking it. 'Gotta think quick!' 'Kinichiwah!' I yell. They all turn to me smiling as I slip around them and slide my ticket into the machine. 'Did you win big money?' 'Huh', oh, yeah whatever. - I say to one of them who high-fives me and explains our brief exchange to the others. They cheer too as I haul ass back to the escalator. Across the strip, down and into the maze of Casers palace. I'm halfway to the self-parking garage when I hear clapping and cheering. 'Is that for me?' Of course not, those pussycat doll dealers are marching in formation to the black jack pit. Definitely gotta stop and take a picture of these honeys! Snap a bad shot and continue to the parking lot. My calves are burning now and it's 7:59. Damn, forgot where I parked!!! But luckily that fire-engine red Charger is the only one sticking out on the 3rd floor. My tires screech when I turn out of the garage and head toward the strip. But lady luck seems to be with me finally. There are only two taxis in front of me and we have a green light onto the strip! More luck! The left turn signal for Flamingo is green but it won't hold for long. 'Punch it Chewie! ' I say to myself as the Charger burns rubber turning onto Flamingo thru a slightly 'pink' light. . A Vegas cop stopped at the red lite and going in the opposite direction sees me and points a finger at me. Nothing he can do though, me and Chewie are moving too fast and he's stuck in traffic. (Chewie, aka Chewbacca is my imaginary co-pilot. Some people have God, but I prefer an 8 foot bear creature from Star Wars) Down to Koval with a hard right and floor it to Harmon for another hard right. I can see the Planet Hollywood sign. Adrenaline pumping now as I hear a police siren in the distance. 'Move it!' I practically fly up the ramp of Planet Hollywood's parking garage and find a stall on the 4th floor. Out and running now. Check the watch and its 8:05. Dad will be calling any second, better break the bad news first. I call him and explain. 'Hey, I'm almost at the Halo bar.' I wait for his answer which sounds confused, 'We're lost, we can't find the Halo Bar!!!' Unreal, all that and he's wandering around lost in the casino. Well, two good things have come from this experience. 1) I had never been this far deep in the miracle mile shopping area. 2) I set the speed record for that trip to Caesars and back. 20 minutes, any challengers?
Ten of us went to Fremont St. where the theme for the light show was Don Mclean's the day the music died and 50/60's visuals. The Golden Nugget was packed. I showed my sister the pool area and then I went over to Binions. Played some Dbl Bonus video Poker for a while, kinda bored until this couple got into a fight next to me. It was a typical Vegas couple argument. 'Where have you been' You won't answer your phone and you shouldn't just leave me like that!' The woman was assaulting her husband and he was mumbling f-bombs back at her. They made me laugh. We packed everyone up and dropped them off at the Orleans, MGM & Planet Hollywood for the night. Played a bit at Caesars before turning in around 2:30. Oh yeah, Bank of America has an ATM machine in Caesars Palace near the forum shops.

Day 3 Monday

Sleep? Fuggedaboutit!

My sister calls at 8:30; I'm too tired to answer. I don't sleep well in Vegas. I'm always too pumped to sleep. But a few 'quality hours' in the morning are needed. I guess you're wondering why I just don't turn off my cell phone at night but there's two reasons. Reason #1, it's not my phone. It belongs to the government. I'm on call in case we invade Canada or something. (Lousy Canucks, don't get me started...) Reason #2 is Karma. 3 years ago, I was in Vegas getting calls every morning too. I was about to ignore one call from my job, but it was my boss was letting me know that he scheduled a class for me in Las Vegas! That class was eventually canceled but after years of hoping, I will be attending that class in Vegas 4 days after this trip ends. So, the phone stays on. We showered and picked up my sister and H-sister and dropped them off at the Ross clothing store between the Riviera & Encore. (My sister has this thing about Ross, she just has to go) It worked out ok though, since I always wanted to check out the Peppermill restaurant. For those of you who have never been to the Peppermill, it's like a pimped-out Denny's. The color theme is purple with neon light tracks everywhere. There's a really nice bar/lounge attached to it with the same scheme and a nice fire-pit with seating around it. Looks like a great private bachelor party spot. Food is good, had breakfast, 3 pancakes, 3 eggs, bacon & sausage for $12.50. Steeper than Denny's, but I liked the place. From there the 4 of us traveled to the Wynn/Encore. I didn't realize they were connected, that's convenient. We sat and had drinks by the waterfall for a while. A bartender there named Marco was very friendly. Later, 12 of us met at the Cheesecake Factory at the Forum shops at Caesars. I wasn't hungry so I just ordered popcorn shrimp. BunnyKat had hot wings which burned the hell out of your lips the moment you touched them. My nephew, 17 yrs old, was suffering from nightmares after seeing Mystere the night before. The bill came and my father exclaimed: 'I got it, and for those who expect an inheritance from me, forget it, I'm spending it now!' This is his standard answer for showing that he has a big heart. You can't buy a good time with family. Good times in Vegas with Family are priceless. Later, we watched that stupid statue show before saying goodbyes to the ones who we didn't expect to see before they left tomorrow. Sister & H-sister want to get hammered so we head to the Excalibur and walk around. We stopped at those water massage machines where the guy begged me to get one. Normal price is $25 for 15 minutes, but he gave me & the wife both one for $20 total. He made the same offer to my sisters. The massage is weird, it feels like you're being inserted into a coffin and then bombarded with streams of water. I felt like rubber when I got out of it. Then they attached this device that looked like an I-pod with electrodes on me. This thing sends current through your muscles causing them to contract like that experiment with the frog legs in science class. It has a massaging effect but you can really crank up the juice and make your arms jump like crazy. It's kind of masochistic, just what I need to treat my tendonitis. My H-sister is a physical therapist who explained to me in detail what the thing was and how to use it. The thing cost $139.00 Walked into the Luxor where we saw Criss Angel walking around but I couldn't get my camera out in time. On to the Mandalay Bay to play some EBay penny slots. This is one of those multi-player, giant screen slots where you get the bonus at the same time. I was playing about 50 cents a shot when we got the bonus. I won about 6 bucks for the bonus round. Wow, Whoo, big freaking deal. Let's crank this puppy up. I slam max bet which is $2.50 a shot and we hit the bonus again. This time I'm awarded 15x pay for the round. I won $147.00. I cash out and head to a bank of dollar machines. Hit another $400 playing several 5 line machines. We hit the Fat Tuesdays where we order yards of margaritas. I got mine with an extra shot. Walked over to NYNY where I wolfed down a Nathan's dog. We're all feeling pretty good at this point and of all the things to play, we decide on an empty Big 6 wheel table. Now, the sisters aren't gamblers so this is a surprise. We of course were betting the long shots and not winning. But, the alcohol was in full swing now. Me and H-sister were doing a 'hokey-pokey' kind of dance on every spin which made the dealer laugh and attracted more people. An older East Indian couple came and stared trying to figure out what the excitement was all about. No intent to offend, but you know how serious East Indians can be. Well, these two were no different until we egged them into the fun. H-sister was calling the women 'momma' and her husband finally smiled. They stayed and played with us for a while before leaving. We didn't win a damn thing; I lost about $60 bucks. As we were leaving the table 'momma' ran into us and said she was returning to play with us. We laughed and I suspect that we gave her a 'Vegas moment.' A pub in NYNY had a piano player singing 'Brown eyed girl.' We joined in singing along with the crowd inside. (yep, we're hammered) From there, we humped over to the M&M shop. I haven't been in here in years and didn't remember that the place had 4 floors. One escalator was broken, made for an interesting climb to one floor and a natural buzz killer. Next stop was the nearby food court for a late night snack at Del Taco. This was a regrettable stop in several ways. The obvious being the burrito I ate. But the worse was the surreal encounter we had. I suspect the ladies were coming down from their buzz and thus became conservative for the moment. H-sister was commenting on how she hated to see flaming gay men dress as such in public. I was scanning the room but couldn't find any such guy. When she pointed him out, I laughed. The guy was built pretty well, had on a tank-top, deck shoes with cargo pants that were rolled up to the knee. The rolled-up cargo pants were the subject at hand. 'He's not gay, he just looks like any other guy walking along Venice Beach checking out women in the summertime,' was my reply. But, all three women insisted that 'real-men' don't roll up their pants that way. We debated this and suddenly I felt like I was on an episode of 'the View.' They were all Elizabeth Hasselbeck and I was Whoopie Goldberg. (why do I have to be the ugly one?) Anyway, this debate continued probably louder than we knew when suddenly the guy, (who was standing in line at a food counter) turns to the lady in a booth right next to us and asked what she wanted. Uh oh, apparently, this was his wife or girlfriend. Their order is to go and they meet up with another guy and are standing behind me. The woman tells them what we'd been arguing about and the 'gay guy's' buddy starts yelling to us about how we gotten confused and how he & his friend are not gay. This is a bad situation for me, I'm sitting down with my back to this guy, with alcohol in my body and the thought that this situation could escalate into something worse. But, the friend is like a Chihuahua, i.e., all bark and no bite. I could drop him with one punch, it's the muscular 'gay guy' that I was worried about. So, I decided to ignore them, and eventually, he calms down and exits the place. I'm not sure but it looks like he flashed me a peace sign on the way out. I have to believe that the only saving grace to the situation was that his woman told them that I was defending him. But, the women are not swayed. They still insist that he is gay and we argue loudly all the way to the MGM before calling it a night. Geez, who cares if he was gay anyway? It's a free country right? Of all the weird people I see in Vegas, this guy was not worth arguing about, let alone fighting about. Blame it on the alcohol.

Tuesday, Leaving Day

My phone is silent but wife's phone rings at 5:50 am. (I just can't win) we checkout with a $30 internet bill and head to the airport. I'm on a different flight than BunnyKat because my ticket was free. It's scheduled to have me sleep overnight in the Dallas airport and despite every effort leading up to this day, I could not get it changed. I tried to go standby but to my surprise, my sis-in-law, niece/husband & nephew were sitting at the same gate. Their Delta flight had been canceled and they were being put on the American Airlines flight I was trying to go standby on. The American rep told me that there was no way in hell I could get on that flight. So, I kissed the wife and said my goodbyes to the family. Later, I had lunch and my sisters arrived at the airport. I flew out later and arrived in Dallas around 9pm. I immediately started dreading this airport sleepover. In 29 years of air travel, I have never slept in an airport. I had a comped room reserved at a nearby Homewood Suites but I decided to cancel it and save it for another vacation. So, I settled down in a corner where a nice lady brought me a cot. I didn't think I'd be able to sleep but I apparently dozed off around 4am for a couple of hours. Got home at 12:30pm. exhausted. But, I would only have 3 days to recover; I'm headed back to Vegas for an 'official trip' on Sunday.

Final thoughts

I was a little worried about being in Vegas with 14 people, but everyone did their own thing like good Vegas troopers do.
This was my first stay at Caesars Palace. It's nice but too big and crowded for my taste. (I'd go back for that Petite Suite though!)
Vegas hit 100 degrees only once during the trip. This bummed out the pool people but made for a perfect trip for me.
Project city center looks ridiculous. It may be spectacular inside when it's finished but it looks like they have completely obliterated the theme idea with it. Dubai world (in cahoots with MGM) is a big financial supporter of this project. Makes complete sense, this building would be more appropriate in Dubai.
Didn't repeat my 5k win of last year; didn't even come close. My Aunts were the only ones who won money.
Really enjoyed being with family. Vegas with the family is priceless. I can't wait until next year.