Just got back from a Vegas trip, and although I had read lots of complaints about various things at the Flamingo, my wife and I stayed there and had a blast!.. The Go room we had was awesome, I thank Flamingo for giving us the rooms for our stay for free via total rewards. Very very crowded on the Friday and Saturday nights, it was wild and crazy, but everyone seemed to get along fairly well. The drink service was A+, and the majority of the workers there were nice and friendly. Their center strip location is unmatched, and the view from the 28th floor is awesome. We had a great time on the Friday evening at Margaritaville, very very packed but they got us in quickly as it was my wifes birthday, and the drinks are very good, and the food was surprisingly good as well. This was my 15th trip to Vegas, and it is amazing how it seems to have turned into a much younger crowd than the last time out there, and lets be totally honest here.... The women are just HOT... SMOKING HOT.. Unbelieveable HOT.. haha... Just because you are on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the desert menu!

We used the bus system there and though you need a bit of patience, they get you where you want to go, and its far cheaper than the cabs.
All in all, a very fun trip and I will stay at Flamingo next time we got to Vegas.