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Stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton for $79 a night. Been 5 years since I've been to Vegas, not much is really new but a few casinos. The Palazzo was nice (the Venetian is my favorite), but Encore and Wynn were rather bland.

Could not get over how extremely busy and expensive vegas has become. Line for $1 beer were 40 deep and anything cheap come on was a terrible wait. Other than that, expect prices as at any resort or tourist trap, theme park, etc.

The main strip area near Bellagio was pure gridlock of people on Saturday night. I've never seen so many people -- people from all over the world. Cramped on sidewalks, casinos full. Paid $5 for a water and $15 for a 'to go' mediocre caesar salad at the outside dining at caesars place. Water very hard to come by $5 a pop anywhere you go. I think the crying of Vegas being slow is a marketing ploy. It seemed business as usual to me.

I didn't take any money home from gambling. Most machines were tight and sucked up my $5 in a few seconds. I usually gambled $20-$40 in each casino on slots. Won a few dollars here and there, but nothing too exciting. Friend won $90 at airport on the way home that was about all for the winning.

I was really suprised with all the old, outdated slot machines, all converted now to tickets. Back in Washington state we have indian casinos with all the very latest in computerized slots. I was very surprised to see the boring Double Diamonds that I used to play 15 years ago! I was expecting to see slots even better than back home, but nope.

As I get older, I noticed the rowdy younger, drinking crowd all over at night -- kind of annoying, but then I was that too I'm sure. These kids don't seem to gamble, but seem to party out front and on the strip and hoot and holler and get in the way.

The room at the Hilton was nice, it was $79. A/C worked well, bed was really comfortable and it was clean. Front desk staff and other employees were all fine, I don't have really any complaints. It wasn't the Four Seasons, but for the price was what I'd expect. The pool wasn't packed, but had a decent amount of people - probably 50% full.

Like Disneyland, Vegas has it figured out for efficiency and streamlining. Airport and Car Rental as smooth as glass.

Went to Zumanity at NY NY. It was OK. If you're easily impressed or don't get out much this would be risque. More for grandma and really not that entertaining. I looked at my watch several times, waiting for it to end.

I had to pay for everything, no comps because I don't lose a lot of money here. They don't give comps to winners, LOL!