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June 7 - 11, 2009

We took our annual trip with our brother, and two sisters. We were there June 7th-11th, stayed at the Paris.

Travel: Took Allegiant non-stop from Wichita, left 15 minutes early, arrived early! Good start. Cab line did not exist! Friendly driver, told him not to take the tunnel and he laughed. Two sisters, flying from KC on Southwest, got out of the taxi right behind us at the Paris, what are the odds of that?

Check in: There was a line, but went very fast. Our room was nice and comfortable, great shower. Were given coupons at check-in, more later. We did not upgrade to a Red Room. Would have had a plasma TV if we had, but we don't worry about TV in Vegas! We enjoyed the service and layout of the Paris casino. You can't beat the location on the mid-strip. Close to everything we love. Great view of Bellagio and City Center. Close to Miracle Mile shopping! The pool was simple with elegant surroundings. Water was cold! we're used to Mirage's semi-heated pool. However, the weather we enjoyed the entire time was in the upper 70's to mid 80's which made laying out at the pool great! Enjoyed visiting, having a drink, reading, etc.

Food: All our meals (we eat twice a day) were great! First evening at San Marco on the Venetian canal. Interesting menu, great food and service! Next morning was breakfast at the Paris buffet, always a good deal! That evening we ate at the Spice Market in Planet Hollywood. We have always liked the layout there, you don't feel like you're running into people. Very streamline. Lots of interesting choices. Next morning was great fun as we ate on the deck of Margaritaville for a huge breakfast at reasonable price. Waiter was a lot of fun. With perfect weather and perfect view of the strip, we loved it! That night, after a show, we went to one of our favorites, Joe's Crab and Seafood at the Forum. As always, great! Try the crab-stuffed sole or the seafood marinara and pasta! Next morning, breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi! Lots of choices, everything from corn beef and poached eggs, to strawberry waffles and bacon and cheese filled crepes. That night we ate at Paris's Les Artistes Steak House. They had a 39.99 special that was wonderful. It included the best Caesar salad we've ever had, a 10 oz. perfectly seasoned, melt in your mouth prime rib, and sorbet for dessert. We mentioned coupons at check-in. One of them was for 50% a bottle of wine at this place. When we pulled it out the waiter said the wine prices in the menu already reflected the 50% off so they couldn't recognize the coupon. We talked to the manager and asked if that meant without a coupon the prices listed on their leather bound menu would be doubled to other patrons. He said yes. We raised our eyebrows and said it sounded 'fishy'. Knowing we weren't happy, they honored a 20% coupon for the meal, which should not have worked with the special and gave us free coffee. They would have been better off honoring the 50% off for the wine, we don't buy expensive wine! Oh well! Still, great meal!

Shows: We went downtown our second night to see the Rat Pack at the Plaza. We were a little leery because of the locale, but the theatre was nice enough and the show was great! Matridi seating, and a 10 dollar tip got us a comfortable booth instead of a crowded, long table. The imitations of Dino, Frank, Joey and Sammy were spot on! Especially Dino! Fremont Street was celebrating the summer of 69 with some great new light shows including Don McClean's American Pie and the Zombies 'time of the Season' among others.
The third night we went to Terry Fator at the Mirage. We loved him on America's Got Talent and he did not disappoint. The show was an hour and 45 minutes long, can't say enough. His impressions are so perfect, you can't believe he's not moving his mouth. Also his humor was perfectly timed and very current. Theatre was packed.

The last night, the two sisters went to Jubilee at Bally's. We passed, we'd done it. They got 2 for 1 tickets and thoroughly enjoyed it. They said the theatre was 85-90% full. While they did that, the 3 amigos (the rest of us) went to the Bellagio and sat on the terrace at the Fontana Bar. Perfect view for the fountain show. We enjoyed drinks and fountains for an hour, ending our last evening to Elvis's 'Viva Las Vegas'.

Gambling: Not so hot! Only one of us won much. We enjoy VP and blackjack and never got much on either. If you've seen the Katy Perry Video...She started off poor, won a bunch, had a lot of fun, then lost it all. We did all that.......except we skipped the 'won a bunch' part! Wednesday morning while P got her hair colored at the Bellagio, the rest of us strolled down the strip, stopping in Bill's, Flamingo, O'shea's, Imperial Palace, Harrahs, and Casino Royale. That was fun. R won a little at VP. We made a decision not to chase or even worry about comps this year. We used as many player's club cards as we could, so we could continue to get room offers.

News we heard while there: Danny Gans death was ruled an accidental death, due to pain killers effecting his heart condition. The pain killer was a morphine derivative, they were very clear on the news to say it wasn't a street drug. We also heard the Fountain Blue project (75% complete) has filed for bankruptcy as they can't get the rest of the money they need to finish.

It's always special when you get to visit a new resort, and we saw Encore for the first time. Very elegant a lot of red and a lot of butterflies. We were somewhat unimpressed with restaurant selection there, but it was fun to see. We aren't crazy about City Center so far. It seems to detract from the Strip somehow. Too much in too little space. Still, perfect weather, great resort, wonderful shows, food, and drink, added up to another great trip!