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Decided at the last moment..birthday, anticipated reduction in pay (state worker), offer for free room and meals, deal on air fare after redeeming inconvenience voucher (Hawaiian Air is the best), etc.

Flight was full both ways but hotel was not. Where are these Hawaii people staying? Main Street, Fremont, Cal all void of the normal huge Hawaii following.

Am VP player @ 25 and 5 cent level. Played about 12 hours each day. No Royals this trip but had great luck playing Treasure Chest (had straight flush, immediate followed by numerous 180 and 140 4OAKs), 10/7 Double Bonus (had one 4OAK followed immediately by four 2s), 8/5 Game King Bonus Poker upstairs (2 4OAKs) and 7/5 Bonus Poker (4 Aces on the last hand).

No luck at Main Street and Freemont but had long sessions with my $20....

Stayed away from progressives over $1,199 because of the impending new state tax rules for Hawaii residents. No more write-offs. Gov hasn't sign the bill yet but her Tax Director support it so I considered that bill a done deal.......

After all expenses i.e. meals not covered by coupons, smokes, cab fare to/from, tips, magazine, etc. returned home $150 lighter.

Boyd Properties have always treated us well. Discretionary income for us will disappear next month due to state government furloughs. Oh well...unless wife gets a huge raise, sorry Boyd but we'll see you when my pay is restored....

In the meantime, good luck to you all.