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Flight/Vegas Cab

Trip #13 approx...

Flew from JFK (NYC) via JetBlue, which is my favorite airline and I have taken them at least 15-20 times. (having 40 channels of cable TV gets me every time) We got to Vegas in about 5hrs 20m and I never check luggage (carry on only). I walked quickly through the airport to the shuttle, right through the baggage claim right to the outside Vegas air. It was a pleasure to see not much of a cab line (and it was Saturday morning) and in 5 minutes I was headed to The Orleans to meet my friend "P" who was arriving later on from Burbank.

Day1 (Sat)

I arrived at The Orleans around 11am, walked into the very nice lobby and found no line for check-in. For a Saturday morning I was pretty happy about the lack of waiting, especially after sitting on nearly a 5 1/2 hr flight. Check-in was perfect, the girl was very nice, I even mentioned that my buddy was coming later and we were hoping to have rooms on the same floor. She took the time to book his room as well as mine, very nice for my 1st experience at The Orleans.
I headed up to the 19th floor and when I walked into the room I noticed how big it was, it even made the regular sized TV seem small. Nice bathroom and good feel to the room, I was happy. The floor had a permanent stain in one spot but the room was cool overall. It was now 11:20am and I was already in the room...not bad for landing around 10:45a..The shower worked well and the bathroom was pretty big with lots of towels of different sizes.

I was soooo hungry when I got there so by the time I got to the room I put my stuff down and went right downstairs to the Orleans Food Court. I had been eyeing up Fuddrucker's for that's where I darted to. It was awesome and did not disappoint...they used to have one of these in NY when I was in High School and I loved it then until it disappeared.
I then went to sign up for a 'B Connected' gaming card to log some points onto during the next few days. Short line there but I still had about 2 hours to kill before my friend P arrived so I waited and got my card and went to look around the casino.

I have to say it! WOW! The outfits on the cocktail waitresses at The Orleans are quite uniforms are almost thongs in the back and they all look darn good. :-) Ok I got distracted there for a second but I loved the layout of the casino it had about 4 wings to it and you could get lost quick and that rules...hahaha I got the hang of it after a day or 2 but it was very nice and I felt comfortable playing there or even just walking through. It had a nice vibe and wasnt too crowded which are 2 big selling points for me.

Finally Mr.California gets are so laid back these people) hahaha No he is originally from the NY/NJ area.
He has his room, puts his stuff away and we are off to sign him up for a card as well then figure out what poker tournament we are going to check out...we wound up choosing Planet Hollywood for their 7pm $80+20....we had a few hours before that so we get something for P to eat at I believe at Fuddruckers...I was still full so I just hung out.

Then we cab it over to PH but of course it is Saturday + Construction = we get off at Excalibur...walk over to MGM, through MGM to the monorail, pay for the monorail at the machine, and off to PH. We sign up and wind up playing for over an hour until you eventually have to shove your chips in the middle after not getting any decent hands. The blind levels move fairly quickly but it was worth it and it's not a bad tourney it's just a bad poker room. Almost built like an afterthought.
We wound up going back to The Orleans for something to eat and I was going to sleep. I then had Fuddruckers once again, didnt finish it at all, left about half of it and headed off to chill before going to bed....

Day 2 (Sun)

Wake up around 7a, call P's room to see if he wants to hit breakfast around 8a and he is going to sleep in...he is on West Coast Time and I am on East Coast time....We were going to be playing the $150+$10 Binion's Poker Classic at 2pm downtown both that day and the next, so I wanted to try the buffet and went down about 8am...there was only a line because they open at 8am...why??? I thought that was a bit late, but I am not gonna complain..anyways it was Sunday so it happened to be the $16.99 Brunch Buffet, not the normal 8.99...whatever. I only wanted breakfast food but they also had Mexican and other kinds of lunch type foods. The omelette station was not going and that sucked but the food was great and I had no complaints at all. Drink service was great, coffee, OJ whenever you asked...

I wound up going upstairs to the Office Services area...they give you about 10 minutes of free internet a day which is great because all I wanted to do was send out an email or two. I wound up checking out the pool also. Their pool was very nice...pretty spacious with a lot of different little areas to sit. It is basically 1 decent sized pool only about 3 1/2 - 4ft deep maybe, another small pool for kids I believe, then a small jacuzzi that I never checked out...It wasnt crowded when I was there from about 10a-11:15a so it was great.

After that, I walked around for a bit, headed upstairs to bother P and we wind up going downtown around 12noon.
Got there and played some VP at the bar after signing up for the 2p tourney just to pass the time. I wont bore you with hands I played but I did well, but not well enough. I lasted until 7pm which was the dinner break and busted out right before it in 54th out of 225 or so..only 25 cashed...oh well 88 went down to AK when an A hit the flop.

Funny side note was that my friend P had busted out earlier in the tourney and was watching my table from the rail when he decided to sign up for 6p tourney since I was still playing the 2p...well lets just say about half an hour later he is at the rail again, out with top pair, but bested by 2 pair...ugh. We laughed then I busted out and we left shortly after that. We were pretty drained mentally so we went back to The Orleans and just hung around and were anxious to get another try at the Binions Poker Classic on Monday, the next day.

Day 3 (Mon)

Woke up, called P and hit the buffet at 8am and this time it was 8.99 and the omelette station was in full
We chowed down on their awesome food and then just hung around before we grabbed a cab to head downtown around 1p.
I went to check some email and then hit the pool for about an hour and enjoyed it once again...very relaxing to lay in the sun then lay in the simple.

We head downtown and once again sign up for the 2p $150+$10 tourney. This time P makes it a bit deeper than last time and I managed to play until about 9pm only to finish 22nd (20 people cashed), busting out with the same hand the day before, from the same dealer no less...88 again with a short stack, this time called by 99 and I dont improve so 7 hrs of play for "0" dollars...yeesh. I did get to play at the table with Amarillo Slim, for those who dont know he is an older, old school poker player from way back in the day. It was fun and I played well but the cards have a say too.
I have to mention that when we broke for dinner at 7p, my buddy P was playing a cash game at the Nugget, and I had a $10 voucher to spend in get it when you make the dinner break of a tourney....a lot of the remaining players seemed to hit the closest 2 snack bar/grill places and I went a bit further and explored. I found myself in Benny's was a room with a long bar, about 5 tables and a few lower booths just for sitting and drinking. I sat down and the menu was standard for a bar so I ordered the bacon double cheeseburger and I must tell you it was fantastic....I had to mention that here. I was basically the only one in there except for a few people having some drinks....they have a few flatscreens on the wall as well. I will certainly go back there with P in October! Dude you will love it...haha

So since this time I lasted for 7 hrs and it was now 9pm, I am exhausted mentally, I call P to give him the bad news and he is still playing at the Nuggget so I head over there to say hi and let him know I am gonna prob cab it back after I look around one of the stores there. When I walked out onto Freemont Street it was dark out first of all because I had played the Summer of Love '69 light theme was going on overhead and a ton of people were hanging out wacthing it. There was also a live band who played for awhile playing a lot of hippie was cool and I smiled as I snaked through the watchers on my way to a cab back to the hotel. Still pissed about my finish in the tourney but happy to be coming back downtown in October...I mention that a
Got to the hotel, hung out in the room for a bit, called P and he was still grinding downtown so I played and lost a little VP and other stuff and went to bed.

Day4 (Tues)

Woke up, called P around 9a and he had gotten in late so he was gonna sleep more. My memory fails me here but I know I didnt go to the buffet, I wasnt that hungry. I am pretty sure I wound up having a 6-in Subway Turkey sandwich. We finally got together and decided to see a movie. We were both sick of playing and were planning to check out the poker room that night because we stayed there for that reason and still hadn't played in it yet.

We decided on "Terminator: Salvation" and it was awesome...after all, The Orleans has 18 screens and a 70 lane bowling alley. The movie started around 12:45p and there were about 10 people in the theater. It was loud as hell at times but sounded great with all the action in that movie. Glad we went.

I think we both split up again after the movie and I wound up losing even a little more playing more VP and video BJ and Wheel of Fortune...I suck! Only one time in my 13 or so trips to LV I came home with all the money I brought and considered that a HUGE victory. It has never gotten better than that but I love going and trying again.

We wound up eating dinner at TGI Fridays which was also damn good! Watched the Yankees while we ate and pondered playing the 7pm tourney in the poker room. I do not like the blind structure so we didnt even bother at guess we just didnt feel like playing much. After all,we are both meeting up again in October for a stay dowtown at Main Street Station. We wound up hanging out a bit and both wound up calling it a night...

Travel Home Day (Wed)

Woke up, went and printed our boarding passes downstairs....P's flight was leaving a half an hour before mine so he took off around 9a and I headed out around 9:30 to McCarran. The line is always long for security but it goes pretty fast and that was that. Even landed 1/2 hr early at JetBlue. Be back 10/18.