This is a very funny story, to protect the innocent and guilty the names will not be used, nicknames will be.

This trip happened in June 2007 when my soon to be wife, myself, friends, and family went to Vegas for our wedding: (downtown Vegas)

Leading up to the wedding I thought it would be a good idea to play a joke on our friend Buzz. I had a picture of him in a Hawaiaan shirt, so I printed up appx 30 "party flyers" telling people that "Buzz was going to dominate Vegas" As soon as we found out his room number I wrote it on the flyer, it had the dates he would be staying in Vegas and the hotel he was staying at. It said something along the lines of "if this shirt doesn't scream party animal, I don't know what does"

Friday June 15th 2007, we leave for Vegas, it was Buzz, Mr. Wrinkles, and myself. My soon to be bride was already in Vages with her family. My buddies and I had a sign in the window that said "The Party Zone" so anyone that passed us knew we were in the party zone from the moment we left for Vegas. We had a jar of honey roasted peanuts in the vehicle with us, that said on the lid "Duncan's Honey Roasted Nuts". We tried to get Turbo to go with us, but he had to work, and he wasn't happy that he was stuck in a quiet office, the party zone was NOT THERE, the PZ was on the move to VEGAS!!!

So we finally get to Vegas a few hours later, and we get checked into our hotel rooms, get cleaned up, and meet up with our other friends and family that was there. Everything is going good, and we start to place the "Buzz party flyers" around the casino, hotel lobby, we were sliding the flyers under people's hotel room doors (just random people) I placed some of the flyers in the "free porn" newspaper stands that line the sidewalks...

As the evening starts to roll on, we all notice that Buzz and my soon to be sister in law were getting a little friendly, flirty, with eachother and something was starting to build.... Somehow we all go our seperate ways for a little bit, and we get a call from Mr. Wrinkles, he said he tried to get in is room and his key card was not working. He goes down to the front desk and finds out that some of the people that we slid party flyers under their doors weren't feeling Buzz's party animal mood....and they complained. Wrinkles said he was close to pooing his pants, because hotel security said they were close to calling the police. Wrinkles and Buzz were sharing the room. My "wife" got on the phone and explained everything and they weren't real happy with our prank, but they were cool and let Wrinkles and Buzz back into their room.

After Wrinkles gets cleaned up and we meet up to go out in downtown Vegas, we notice that Buzz and my "sister in law" who was also one of the Bridesmaids were no where to be found, they were both a little tipsey the last time we saw them...... lets just say that when we were out celebrating the night before our wedding, Buzz was dominating his hotel room more then his "party" was dominating Vegas. Buzz didn't even know about the getting locked out of the room thing..

The next morning (Saturday June 16th 2007) Wrinkles said he assumed something happened when he got back to his room, and Buzz was passed out on one of the beds, naked, with McDonalds in one hand and a beer in the other hand. He said after he woke up the next morning, he saw handprints, and boob prints on the mirror in the hotel room. He knew something dirty went down!! He asked and in full Buzz like fashion, he told Wrinkles everything!!!

The wedding was that afternoon and when they asked me to empty my pockets I gave them everything except the fake dog turd in my jacket pocket. I was dominating Vegas myself by placing fake dog/cat turds around the casinos, on open chairs, in bathroom stalls and letting people that we party hard!!

Buzz was NOT the best man at the wedding (even though he should of been). But somehow again in Buzz like fashion, he managed to get in all the wedding party photos, ride in the limo and he did it all with a HUGE Kool-Aid smile!! Buzz your my Vegas hero!!!

Thats one of my Vegas stories, and some of you may not like it, but the people that read it, that were there, will laugh their asses off!

One last note, to this day (2 years later) we do not know if the prints on the mirror were boob prints (hers) or moob/mittie prints (Buzz's) The case remains open.......

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