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I am an amateur at writing trip reports, so I apologize ahead of time.
After much thought, my husband and 12-yr. old son stayed at the GN. We love the Fremont Street Experience and being close to other casinos. We also did not want to walk very far from the casino to our room, so we made sure we booked the North Tower at the Nugget.

We had an early 6AM flight from Nashville and arrived at LAS at 11:45AM. My brother-in-law had taken an earlier flight from Detroit and was waiting for us when we got there.

Rented a car from Priceline at $220 for 10 days, of course they tried to upgrade us (for a fee) and I said no and we ended up with a perfectly satisfactory 4-door Chevy Cobolt that still smelled brand new.

Short check-in line at GN, room was nice, but bathroom small. We then walked around Freemont Street and I went in to the Golden Gate while other went back to the room for a nap. Got a players card and sat at a full-pay VP machine and ordered a drink and started playing. My favorite XM station happened to be on with the speaker right above me, life was good. I played for awhile and got a 4OAK. Played for 3 hours on that win and got $15 in play back when I redeemed my points for a scratch off. I knew I would be back to use that. Walked around GN for awhile to learn my way around, but was exhausted from getting up at 3AM so I went to bed. Others were still napping from earlier. They did not even place a bet on their first day there.

Went down to the pool at GN and the only seats available were on top level. The pool was very crowded every day we were there. My son loved the pool and especially the slide that goes into the shark tank. We laid there for a couple hours and drank a Margarita and then went up to the room for a shower and went to the strip. Checked out NYNY and MGM and M&M store where my brother-in-law paid $30 for a bag of mixed M&M's! Ate at Nathan's at NYNY because I had a BOGOF coupon, but hot dog was less than average and still very expensive. With all the great places to eat I could have picked a better place, but we were starved and did not feel like getting in the car.

Went to Fremont St. and watched the light show and play VP and the GN. No big hits.

I feel I am rambling so I will only mention highlights of trip. We went to the pool daily and at the GN Buffet, which was very good. Also had our share of shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate.
I got two 4OAK Aces at the GN, almost in a row for $100 each. Husband got Deuces for $250. We were happy with those hits.

After 3 days we checked out - got 2 nights comped. Took my BIL to the airport and went to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. We stayed at the Grand Canyon two nights and very much enjoyed the experience, it was the first time there for all of us.
Drove back to Vegas and caught a major traffic jam at the Hoover Dam.
Checked back in to the GN and asked for a lower floor with street view and got room 702, which was wonderful, bigger than the standard room we had the first time. The only complaint was that the AC did not kick out enough cool air to cool the room cooler than 70.

Played at GN by Fremont St. and also played a little slots and some Deuces that are full pay. No big hits. I really wanted the Deuces, but never got them. Sure did enjoy the white russians and long island iced teas!

Went to the strip at night and saw the Volcano at Mirage and Treasure Island show.
As far as I could see there is NO recession in Vegas, there were crowds of people everywhere we went, especially at the GN, I could barely walk in the halls without weaving in and out of people.

Finally went back down to Golden Gate and used my comps and got a nice hit on their money - $75 and another $50. The casino has a fishy smell (shrimp), but I really like it and felt lucky there.

Husband and I enjoyed the SUMMER OF 69 events on Fremont St, he is a big Beatles fan and enjoyed the band that did their music.

Our last night there we went to the top of the Stratosphere and what an incredible view, our son just loved it and I took a lot of pictures. He wants to ride on the crazy rides on top of there, but will wait until next time in Vegas. . . . . . can't wait for that next trip to Vegas. T-?????
GN comped 3 nights of second visit, but did not comp the upgrade to North Tower. Only got 2 hours sleep before we got up at 3AM to get our 5:50 flight back to BNA, we had trouble finding out where to return the rental and barely made our flight - very close call there.

Thanks for reading.