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Went with 7 guys total for bachelor party

Landed Thursday night and went to pick up the car. Had rented a mini van but they were out so they gave us a brand new suburban with 2 miles on it. The care was crazy nice with leather seats and a dvd player. A lot sweeter than my crummy kia at home.
Collected everybody and drove up to the El Cortez. We booked rooms here because it is the best gambling in Vegas and even on the weekends rooms were dirt cheap. We had two tower rooms and they were really nice actually. Small bathroom but decent beds, couch, coffee table, writing desk(used as bar). We gambled late and drank a bunch then ate the late night 3.99 graveyard special. Man if you have not been to El Cortez you have got to see it. It is dirty and a little scary and smells like an ashtray but man is it fun.

Friday we walked around Freemont street. It is pretty cool that all the casinos are so close downtown. There really isn't much to do downtown but gamble. Ate dinner at Magnolia's Veranda to 4 Queens. The place is ok but you do get really good bang for your buck. Huge portions of decent food for cheap.

Saturday we went down to the strip and walked around a bit then went over to Las Vegas Hilton to watch baseball games. The sports book there is amazing and still serves free drinks to anyone who has a bet. None of those lame drink tickets. Couldn't find a cab to take us home so a Mexican guy in a van drove us for $20. One more silly night of gambling at El Cortez.

Sunday we packed up the sub and left El Cortez. We drove out of the way to Rampart casino. It was really nice and classy. We did not fit in. We went to Stratosphere because we thought it would be cool to go up to the top. Well it would have been if it was $17 a person just to go up. We said forget it and drove down to Mandalay Bay. Took like 2 hours because we took the strip the whole way. At Mandalay Bay the check in was really long and we had a regular room and a suite booked. The regular room was ready and we dropped our bags in there. Some people took naps and me and my buddy hit the sportsbook for a while. I went to the desk about 2 hours later and the suite was ready and they had a $100 food and beverage credit for us. Nice Mandalay Bay, Nice. Went up to the suite and it was awsome. 3 rooms with 3 different views, floor to celing windows, 1500 sq ft, dinner table, bar, couch area, 5 tv's, two huge bathrooms. We booked the suite for $170 a night, cheap! We had dinner at the burger bar and sombody ordered the $80 dollar hamburger. He said it tasted like a hamburger. I used the $100 food credit on our bill, which I would find out later was against the rules. Went back to the casino to pick up some winning tickets from the sports book then the long days were too much for me and I went to bed.

Woken up by rowdy roomates and 5 hot nurses they met at the club downstairs. Duh they used the extra cheesy "Wanna come see the suite?" and of course they did, so we ended up having impromptu hotel party in our room. Security eventually came and told us music was too loud. They were very nice about it and said there were complaints coming from both two floors above and below us. I kicked everybody out and went back to bed(I am the bachelor so had no interest in these girls). Guys came back at like 8 am with wild stories about these girls. Would blow your mind...

Monday I checked to make sure the $100 food credit was used at Burger Bar. Well it wasn't. It is only good at like 3 Mandalay Bay restaurants. -$100 I guess. But still had the credit so got a $30 heuvos ranchero's and coffee. The guy I ate with got the atlantic benidict with salmon. Pretty fancy for a breakfast but it was house money. We hung out during the day and drove to Terribles and Hardrock because I just wanted to see them. We cleaned up real nice and went to Red Square for a drink. Martinis were good and they have blue cheese stuffed olives that melted my brain but $17 a drink. Strip Steak was great. Excellent food/service. 7 guys ate, 2 bottles of wine check was about $750 with tip. Had oysters, a lamb and a chocolate desert that were all awsome. Had some left over money on the trip so sat down at BJ for a while. Finished up a little bit on the night and went to bed.

Tuesday flew home from vegas and was ready to be home. Talked to all the guys and they all asked when we were going back. I told them same time next year.