Well, for my 34th birthday( June 19-21) my friends and I decided to stay at the Encore. This the first time I stayed there and was a little hesitant, due to fact that it was not near any of the other mainstream hotels on the strip and I've never seemed/wanted to spend money on a posh-expensive place. Once i got there, all my doubts and regrets where out the door. I truly enjoyed the Encore. No ghetto people, no super old folks, and not that many rugrats!!!

Check in
Checking in was sort of a hassle. Upon driving into the 1st valet area, I was told if I was staying at the Tower suites, which I was not . I've read that the Tower Suites have a more private and personal check in experience. I pulled into the public valet area and dropped and checked in. It was sort of busy because it was Father's day weekend, no biggie, I have patience. We finaly checked in after about 25min, it was very busy. For the next trip the extra $50.00 for the Tower suites will be well spent.

The casino area is absolutely great. The main reason is the windows that allow the natural light inside from the pool area. Most if not all other casinos have the interior lighting. With the natural light, I was able to pace myself on the slots and tables. I went in with a $500 bank roll and ended winnning $1500 the 2 nights I was there; mainly on the the $15 craps table. The drinks were pretty great and the service form the cocktail waitresse's was superb. Furithermore the area was not crowded like other places I've stayed out, so I felt more at ease.

The rooms at the Encore were amazing. I especially enjoyed the remote control for the lights and curtains. The king size bed was very comfortable, living room had nice lay out, and the swivel TV was a bonus. I've stayed at the 4 Seasons and MGM Signature, but the Encore blows them out of the water. If you want some pics of room send me a message. Our rooms were ont 19th floor facing the pool area.

The pool area was pretty amazing, regret not getting cabana either ><. The vibe was great and the famous european pool was another bonus.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed myself at the Encore. It was not as crowded as other places, better looking women, and drinks not as watered down as in other places. My only negative is that on Saturday morning/afternoon, the hotel did not have any hot water they adjusted my account with a +$50. credit to my tab, but again no biggies.

My next vegas trip will be in early October, and yes I will stay at the Enocre again.