The flights both ways were excellent! We arrived early each way!

We always stay at MGM we like the large casino, clean rooms and we know our way around. The check in at the airport was closed which was disappointing, but the check in at the hotel was very quick.

This is our 7th trip to Vegas we have noticed many changes. The most apparent is the dissapearance of the .25 cent reel machine slots! If you want to play pennies or dollars your in luck. We were extremely disappointed in our inability to find many of them. Luxor had maybe
10 in the entire casino!

We are actually re-thinking our trip for next year....Is it worth the 5 hour flight just to search for machines that don't exist!

We visited City Center, which is beautiful very dark, and massive but again no slots for us to play!

The weather was a little warm but did not hinder us from walking from casino to casino.

Hopefully, I will return next year, but right now I'm kind of sour!