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My husband and I are in our mid 50's. This trip was our first week long trip. We arrived on Tuesday and we had friends joining us on Friday for the weekend. We rented a car for the first time and it worked out great. We did it with Alamo and got a great deal. Nice company to deal with.
Our first hotel was the Wynn. I love the Wynn. I feel so special there and it is in a great location. I love their pool. Check in and out was a breeze. Our whole stay there was wonderful.

The next hotel for the weekend was the Paris. It was fine. The room was clean and nice. A letdown from the Wynn but we knew that going in. It was a great rate for the weekend so we were fine with it.

Our last hotel was a lakeview room at the Bellagio. The Bellagio has the best service of any hotel I've stayed at but there are a lot of people there. We did room service there and I thought it was very reasonable about $35 for 2 sandwiches with fries. That didn't include the tip but we thought the food was very good. Bellagio had better service than the Wynn but there is just something so cool about the Wynn. So obviously our favorite was the Wynn.

Now for meals. We're not foodies--usually if I don't have to cook it, I'm fine with it. At the Wynn we tried to eat at the Terrace Point Cafe but we waited so long that we finally left. We were seated but all we got was water and that took over 1/2 hour. We then discovered Sugar and Ice and that was super. Big burgers with fries and drinks for about $25 total and eating in front of the waterfall was really cool. We also ate at the Wynn buffet and I thought it was overpriced-$25 each for lunch. It was OK but nothing special. We ate at the Spice Market buffet and that is my favorite. I had a $5 coupon so lunch there was $15. Everything was delicious. At the Paris we ate at their cafe for breakfast and that was very good and reasonable. We went to the Silverton for dinner one night and I had a wonderful filet and 2 others had salmon and they said it was the best salmon they had ever had. Their meals were about $25 each and that included salad and 2 sides. Very good meal. One night we went to Casa di Amore and they have a deal where they pick you up in a limo. It was fun to do once but I thought the meal was OK and a little overpriced. We ate at the Bellagio buffet and that was good--better than the Wynn.

We splurged on shows this trip but I bought all tickets ahead of time but they were all discounted some more than others. Every show was wonderful. We saw Love--the cheap seats were fine. Also the Phantom- the theater is GORGEOUS. I loved it but my husband said he's seen it enough now. I think I could see it a zillion times. I just love the music. Terry Fator is a fun show. He's an amazing ventriloquist and does great impressions. And then we saw Bette Midler--great show. I would recommend each of these shows. They were all different but wonderful.
We also went to the outlets by downtown. I bought Coach purses for my daughters and they were thrilled. They were $300 reduced to $100 and then they gave us a 20% off coupon when entering the store, so the purse ended up costing $80 which I thought was a pretty good deal and the girls were happy so it was worth it.

Most of our trip we would just wander in the casinos and gamble for about an hour or so. My husband broke even for the trip and I still had money left so we were happy. I'm not sure if I would go again for a whole week though. I think I like going from Sunday to Friday better. All in all it was a wonderful trip.