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This was my 7th trip to the "mecca of sin". I found a great trip offer on US Airways - 264.00 for 3 days/2 nights. Sweet!!!!!!!!

The only problem was my choice of hotels: Circus Circus (yuck) or Excaibur.

I chose the "castle". Left DFW at 6:00 am and after an hour layover in PHX. got to vegas at 9:00.

Okay gang let me give you the real "lowdown" on the castle. Before leaving Texas, i read a lot of horror stories about this place, about how dingy, smelly, and old Excalibur was. Sorry - didn't see it myself. Stayed in room 11168 in tower I (old tower)and it was okay-not great - but okay-think Holiday Inn. the place has a great location on the strip. Down the street from the airport.

Now let me list the reasons why i will not stay a second time at Excalibur:

1. Too many stinking ass kids. They were everywhere!!!!!! It was like staying at an orphange!!!!!!


Really-Why? what can a 3 year-old do in vegas? Please take them to the beach or grandma's. Not sin city!!!!! Don't make me call CPS!!!!

Sorry for the rant-but now i feel better. back to the countdown......
2. There was a 2 mile hike to any where in the hotel and you had to across the casino everytime.
3.Zombie time-share salepeople - same dude ask me 3 days in a row - shut-up!!!!!!!
4.Had to pay the"resort fee" - are you kidding????? in this economy!!!!
5. More Kids!!!!!!!!

These are reasons that i like to stay downtown and do my gambling-less walking/kids.

Let's get to the positive items of the trip:

1. US Airways - both flights- on time- not bad - please get rid of the 3 dollar snack!!!!
2. Best win in vegas: 50 bucks on VP at MGM - 100 bucks on VP at El Cortez and 38 bucks on a penny slot(price is right)at the Venetian.
3. Best eats: 6.95 steak dinner at Ellis Island and 6.99 buffet breakfast at Main station.
4. Best line of the trip: i was walking downtown around midnight and a "working girl" told me that i had dropped something. I asked her what it was-she replied "my heart"!!!! All i could do was laugh!!!!!
5. Best show in vegas: a midnight trip on the duece - just sit back and enjoy the "freaks" - This for the 5 black guys who were trying to rap on the upper deck at about 11:30 pm bus - YOU REALLY SUCKED!!!

Well that's about it for this trip-next time in vegas - Jan.2010 - my 50th birthday - maybe a little Planet Hollywood or Golden Nugget.
see ya!!!