Background - We are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. We are both in our early 40's and left behind three wonderful teenagers. I have been out to Vegas about six times and my husband has been to Vegas one other time. Usually I go for a conference every year in April. You will see we are low rollers and we do not hit the party scene. We are usually up early and to bed fairly early. I guess age is beginning to set in!!
Sunday, July 5th-I don't really like reading about every leg of each person's flights, so I am going to skip straight to our arrival in LV. We are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. We are both in our early 40's and left behind three wonderful teenagers. Anyway, we arrived at the airport around 2:30 or so in the afternoon. Baggage was picked up within 10-15 and we were out the door to the taxi line. But, to our amazement, there was no wait. First time I have not been herded thru, like a bunch of cattle! Nice driver, who takes a pretty direct route to our hotel. We are staying at the Flamingo due to the nice pool area. And, you definitely need a pool when it is between 104-107 degrees each day. Ok, so we arrive at the Flamingo and WOW, the line to check-in wraps completely thru the lobby!! Way too many people. We did not want to fight the crowd, so we checked our bags with the bell desk and decided to try to check in later. We walked straight thru the casino to Margaritaville for our first beer in Vegas. Sat at the bar, had a bucket of beer and walked over to O'sheas. My husband was so surprised at how the place has changed to fit the college crowd. He thought the beer pong area in the back was hilarious. No gambling here. Walked to Imperial Palace to check out the Happy Day's penny slots. I played these when I came in April for a conference, but he had not seen them before. Neither of us got the bonus round, but oh well. It was fun. We played a few other slots here and there, but no really any wins. We made our way back to the Flamingo later in the evening and there was no longer a line to check in. My husband sent me to play some machines while he tried to work some magic on an upgraded room. Well, he tried the 20 trick, told the lady it is our anniversary week and we scored an I Go room on the 28th floor with a view of the strip and the fountains (which were being worked on the entire trip). Very nice room and my husband loved the TV in the mirror in the bathroom. Off to sleep about 10:30 or so.

Monday, July 6th - Up and ready about 8AM. I had ordered the American Casino Guide and I had a coupon for the Imperial Palace Buffett (2 - for -1). After we were seated, there was no drink service. We had to get the drinks ourselves. We saw a few staff members, but they seemed to only stay on one side of the room. The food was not too good. I am not a picky eater and do not require anything fancy, but this was not good. After breakfast, both my husband and I did not feel well and had some stomach issues, if you can imagine! Once our stomachs were settled, we hit the pool. There are a lot of little pool areas on the outskirt of the main pool. Really pretty and feels really tropical. Really nice. The pool was very crowded and there were no chairs to be found. We finally found a broken chair and the back of the property and placed our things on it. We don't usually sit in the lounge chairs. We liked to have a drink in hand and stand in the water. Way more refreshing than sweating profusely! The plastic bottles of beer were $7.00 each. Ouch!! Stayed by the pool from about 10 - 12. We went to the room and showered and were back out the door by 1:30 or so. This time, we decided to head south on the strip and wonder thru each casino. We went thru Paris and on to Planet Hollywood. We found a really nice bar; I think it is the Heart bar, located in the middle of the casino. We tried the video poker there. We both put in a twenty and bartender came straight over to tell us that we had to play .75/per hand in order to get a free drink!! Just seemed rude to us, but we stayed and each had two beers and went thru 20 bucks!! Oh, everywhere we walked in this place, someone was hounding us on trying to view their time shares. I mean this must have happened six times within 1 hour!! Next, we moved on to MGM. Now, this place was great. We sat at the bar and slipped in a twenty and bartender came over to give us a drink. No mention of the minimum thing! She also asked if we had a player's card for the property. We didn't, so she made a call and a lady came right over to us to get our information. This lady was so nice and went out of her to make conversation and have fun. We loved the MGM!! After I lost about $60, we decided to walk across to NYNY. We only walked thru this place. We did not get a real good vibe here. Next we went thru the Monte Carlo and played a few horse races in the Sports book and had some beers at the bar right outside the sports book. Fun time, but no real wins on the horses or the video poker machines. We walked back to the Flamingo and it was time for bed. It was probably about 11:30 or so, but we were toast. We had consumed a lot of beer!!

Tuesday, July 7th - We decided to put on our running clothes and hit the strip. We didn't do any actual running, but we did walk down and round to the Monte Carlo. I had forgotten to cash in one of my tickets from a machine, so we were up $13 for the day!:0) I really enjoy going thru some of the little mom and pop stores looking for souvenirs, so we did that also. We didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look. Once we made our way back, we hit the pool again. We stayed the usual, 10 -12 and headed to the room. After we showered, we decided to taxi downtown. Twenty-some dollars, plus tip, to get there! My husband had never been downtown and he really liked the old-school feel. We played downtown all day. We ate at the Triple Brew Pub. It was good and cheap. We like that! I did manage to win some money on a slot that I had never played. We watched the Fremont street experience and headed back to the Flamingo. Off to bed!

Wednesday, July 8th - Anniversary day and last full day. Skipped the run on the strip and decided to save our beer money from the pool. We didn't get up and around until about 10:30, so we walked down to Harrah's and played another Happy Day's machine. We didn't get the bonus spin on this one either and we were down $30. At 11:30, we went upstairs to Tobey Keith's, I love this bar restaurant. We liked the atmosphere and the bartenders are really nice. Stayed here and ate and drank too long. $70 bill for drinks and food for lunch!! Oops. Oh well, we had fun. We wondered down the strip and ended up at the Casino Royale. Finally, cheap beers. We were shocked the Miller Lite was only $1.50 per bottle. We felt really at home here. My husband wanted to play Caribbean Stud Poker. He asked me to sit down to play. I don't really ever like to play table games, but the dealer said it would be fine and that I could consult with my husband on what to do with each hand. Well, the first hand I was dealt a pair. Higher than the dealer's so I won. The next hand, I folded. But, the third hand, I was dealt a Full House. How funny. I made over $100 on that!! It was great. I stopped playing and turned in my chips. I was too afraid to play anymore and lose my winning. Next, I found a Monopoly machine to play. I won a little here and there, so I started betting a little more each time. I was so on max and hit the bonus round. I cashed out for $135. Everyone always states in these reports that you always seem to do well on the LAST day!! This is exactly what my husband and I did. After playing here for quite some time, we bought a few souvenirs and headed to the Flamingo. We were in bed by 10:30, as we had to be up early for our flight.

Thursday, July 9th - He got up at 4:30am and showered and headed to the airport. We lucked out and someone had called for the shuttle. $6.50 each and no stops before the airport. This was a nice surprise. Thanks other couple who called!!!
All in all this was a nice trip. We did not come home with all of our money, but at least we did not lose it all either!! Cannot wait to go again. Hopefully, I will be back next April for the same conference. Even though I have to go to classes during the day, at least I can still get out in the evening. Thanks to all of the other report writers. I read them every few days and love to feel like I am right back there!!!