This was our 2nd Las Vegas trip this year, and for my wife's birthday. It would have been our 3rd, but we replaced one with a trip to Atlantic City (we will never go there again!). We got 6 nights in a row at Ballys comp'ed, our host told us we couldn't get that many, but we went online and got them with no problems. Our host was useless, and didn't seem to care if we came or not. I am a Harrahs Diamond player and my wife is Platinum. I would have thought in this economy that they would be more interested. I guess not.

The rooms at Ballys are really nice, we've stayed there many times. We were in the north tower, our room had 2 desks and a sofa. This is the standard room. It's a lot larger than the standard room at Paris. The down side to Ballys is the distance from the casino to the strip. It's a giant waste of space, but I guess that was the MGM Grand's fault.

We normally play at Paris. Our friend T from Reno met us there and the 3 of us took over a $25 Pai Gow table by playing 2 hands each. It was great, and to make matters even better we had or favorite dealer, Buzz. Buzz is awesome, and I think he is from another planet. It was a lot of fun. After that, for the next 5 days, we had such a hard time getting on a Pai Gow table at Paris or Ballys. I finally said something to Dan, the floor person, and he just shrugged his shoulders as if there was nothing he could do. I get tired of hearing how bad things are in Vegas, and then we can't even get on a table. I normally play $100 per hand, so it's not a table limit thing. I told Dan that we will just go somewhere else. So we went to Wynn. We have played there before and have always liked it. The quality of the dealers and the facility there is unmatched in Las Vegas. Even the little things like the felt on the gaming tables. At Paris there are multiple cigarette burns, ashes, and stains at the tables, not at Wynn, it's like they are all new. Little things like that make a difference. We got right on a $25 table at Wynn, and had a great time. I'm starting to question why we play at Paris.

We played some at Caesars Palace. I hate that place. There are some nice areas, and there are some nasty outdated parts. We wanted to give it a chance this trip, but the dealer was so rude, we just got up and left. There are way too many places to play in this town to put up with that.

We went to dinner with T at Joe's Seafood in the Forum Shops. That place is so good. A trip to Vegas would not be complete without eating there.

Foot and vehicular traffic seemed as heavy as ever. On Wednesday night, we walked a few blocks on the strip and it was so crowded we could barely stay together. The casinos we were in also seemed busy.

We made a quick stop at South Point before heading home and my wife hit a straight flush at Pai Gow. It's a nice place, but a long way off the strip.

Overall, a good time and will be back in December.

The Good:
Joe's Seafood
Buzz the dealer at Paris

The Bad:
Caesars Palace
My host at Harrah's Properties
Getting sick in Vegas

The Ugly:
Losing lots and lots of money, early and often.