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Thank you to all who have written reports before me. These reports have been very helpful, they make my waiting time between visits seem to go faster.

We drove to JFK with little problem, which was amazing! This was the first time in 4 years, that we were able to get there with little difficulty! We flew Jet Blue (new terminal very nice, bright, and clean)both flights were uneventful and on time!

We always stay at MGM and enjoy doing so. By the time we got to the luggage area the hotel check in was closed. Grabbed a cab off to MGM!
Check in was quick! Dropped off the bags & let the gambling begin!! Even though MGM is huge we know the lay of the land and enjoy gambling here. The only dissapointment is the dissappearance of .25 slot machines, it seems the .01 have taken over everywhere not only MGM! I hope they all reverse this trend soon, and add more 3 reel slot machines!

Vegas was VERY crowded, at times difficult to walk up the strip. According to various cabbies Vegas is down. However, talking to the folks at MGM they are and have been at 90% capacity. City Center is HUGE and it blocks most of the view of the strip. The Bellegio looks small next to it.

This trip it was very noticiable that there were alot of young people mostly guys, totally out of control, way to much drinking going on! I think they take the saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" a little to far...just my opinion.

We were a group of 4 adults (3 early 50's and daughter 25) we visted almost every hotel on the strip and at least one of us would hit small amount (200.00+) in each. With the exception the Monte Carlo,Palazzo and Paris no luck there! We were all pretty lucky at MGM.

We saw LOVE at the Mirage, it was very good! We purchased the tickets at the 1/2price booth on the strip got great seats for 99.00 which was a steal! The Mirage wanted 168.00 for the nose bleed section!

Went to Steve Wynn's new place, alot of RED going on in there. I prefer the Wynn better than Encore. Wynn at least had .25 reel machines. At Encore you had to hunt for machines and maybe there was 10-15 tops! Noticable was the lack of shoppers in the high end stores. Staff was just standing around.

NYNY has been renovated and in my opinion not for the better, a lot of NEON, the charm that was once there, is gone. The Tropicana has really clean up the casino area. It was nice to play there. Casino workers were very friendly.

Good luck on your next visit~ Viva Las Vegas!

Getting lucky at slots
Discount tickets for LOVE
Easy flights
NO stress!
NO time share people!

TOO many drunken kids, with little or no manners
Too many card flippers (they should make them clean up at the end of the day. The strip is littered with those cards!)
Harrah's Casino area seemed very old and run down, was dissappointing
Didn't get to go downtown :(