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We booked out trip thru Allegaint Air stayed at Palace Station
it was raining monday night when we got to las vegas 1 hour late las vegas air port only had one train running and had 50,000 people trying to get on the one train to get to the main terminal we had to wait about 45 minutes in 2 lines pick up out rental car with no problem drove to the hotel check in was no problem rooms were great very clean and nice went to the casino the roof was leaking they had 5 gallon buckets all over the place to catch the rain water as the same time the fire alarms were going off like crazy the casion is very old and out dated and smells very bad carpet has stains we went back to the room did not when anything there got up went to the hover dam was great went to the strip did all the walking we could do in a day went back to the hotel did every thing in las vegas we could was all walked out by day 3 checked out of hotel to find they charge you every day for cleaning your room so my 100$ deposit at check in was gone so went on to return the car no problems got to gate and flight was on time to get home over was a great time for my 2nd time to las vegas but i will have to regroup my $$$$ las vegas broke us did not win at any of the casinos at anything we played las vegas is a money pit and i will only play in shreveport river boats from now on.