This was our second trip this year. We stayed at the Orleans both times. I really like that place. But, I digress.

We are me and my 87 yr old mother. She does good, except she doesn't like walking that much, so it kind of limits what we do.
Our flight on Allegiant was on time out of Sioux Falls. We took off from SF at about 2:15 and arrived in Vegas at about 3:10. Our first win was the wheelchair guy. We had had this guy before and really liked him. His name is Kevin, like my late brother, and is just the nicest guy. Second win, we got to the bag carousel and a airport worker walked up to us with our 2 bags. Never had that happen before.
Got right on the car rental shuttle and no line at Alamo. Got the compact to intermediate upgrade. The car was okay, nothing special.

Got to the Orleans and walked right up to the invited guest desk and got our room. We had each had a 2 night free offer and booked back to back. Plus we each had $10 food credit. Didn't use the second one. We were on the go a lot this time and we usually only eat once a day when we are there. We got bags at room and were back down to the casino in time for me to see if I wanted to bet on the MNF game between the Eagles and the Redskins, but I didn't like the 9 point spread so decided not. We are slot players, so that is just about all we play. Didn't have a whole lot of luck right away, but at least got some play. Then after about 3-4 hours of this, I sat down at a 50 Lions machine and on about the 4th spin at the minimum bet, I hit all but 3 placed on the machine with lions and tallied up $134. Walked away with 125.00, so stayed about even the rest of the evening so the first day was a win.

Day 2, the weather wasn't going to cooperate for a few days, this being the first. There was a front that went thru and there was wind and cold. We were going to go to M and Red Rock, but since it was going to be so windy we decided to make it a downtown day. Left the Orleans about 10:30 and took 15 to Charleston and zipped downtown. Parked at the Binions valet. I had received some offers from Binions: $50 free play and 2 for 1 entree. Went and got the offers from the players desk. Then we stopped and had lunch at the cafe before we started playing. Had a club sandwich, it was fine. Then it was off to the machines. We both did pretty good here. I actually made about 48.00 off my free play and my mom made about $100 off a machine. We played here for quite a while and the CW were plentiful. It was like everytime I turned around there was one asking if I needed another. The only complaint I have with the free drinks this time is I question if there was any alcohol in any of them. I could drink mixed drinks all day and never feel anything. Oh well. They were free. Anyway after that we went to the Fremont and boy were those machines tight. Didnt stay there long. It was mid afternoon so we headed back to the Orleans. Didnt win much there for the rest of the day.

Day 3, the winds were a little less today so made the trip to M and Red Rock. First M. I really liked this place. I didnt have a whole lot of luck on the machines, but everyone was so friendly and my mom won some. But this place is really nice. I wouldnt mind staying here if I got an offer. Had lunch at the cafe and the views from this place are spectacular. Anyway, I had heard a lot of good things from other TR's and wanted to check it out and we both really liked it. We went to Red Rock about 1:30 and this is the first time I had been here too. I wasn't crazy about it. Didn't really win or lose much, but I just didn't really like the vibe of the casino. We didnt stay that long, about an hour and a half. Headed back to the Orleans, because I wanted to watch the first game of the WS so found a machine where I could see the TV. I was happy how the game came out. We played the Hee Haw machines and both won some money on them, plus had fun listening to them.

Day 4, final day. We always go to the Flamingo because we like to shop at one of the shops there and we always go to Margaritaville. We decided to do our shopping on the way out, so started playing and had a few drinks. Didnt win or lose much, went and had the volcano nachos for lunch at Jimmys and a margarita. I just love that place. Went back and hit the machines after lunch. Had my best sustained luck at a Drifter machine, where once again the drifters filled all but 4 places on the machine and racked up a quick $125. Then went to a some kind of oriental themed machine and got the bonus a couple times and walked away with another $50 profit. Played for a while longer. Did our shopping on the way back to the car and headed back to the Orleans. I wanted to get back for WS game 2. I didn't like the way this was going. We headed up to the room about 6:30 to get ready for our flight home early the next morning. We were going to get our showers taken and get everything packed so we didn't have to get up so early in the morning. Watched Survivor and Greys Anatomy and went to sleep.

Day 5, we had a 5:30 wake up call. Got our crap together and checked out and headed to the car rental return about 6:30. Did not get lost this time, I think they put up more direction signs than the last time I had to drop a car. Got to the airport plenty early and no line at the allegiant counter. Got to the gate so early we had to go eat and play a couple machines. I actually made $5.00 at the airport. The flight took off a little early and we arrived home to rain that turned into snow before I got the car out of the parking lot. Wonderful. Back to reality.

In summary, I found the machines to be fairly loose. I came home with half of what I brought in total. That is always what I hope for. I have had worse trips. Everything but the weather went pretty smooth. I got on the computer and already had 4 nights offer from the Orleans for Nov 1st thru Apr 30th. So if the air cooperates, will probably be back in March or April. I'll be counting the days.

Sorry it got so long, but I just get carried away talking about my favorite home away from home.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and keep the reports coming, I love reading them all.