Bally's Las Vegas Trip Report November 5-8, 2009

I enjoy reading the trip reports from everyone else and want to contribute as well. This trip was last minute and booked five days before we left. I was originally going to go the Big Smoke this past weekend but decided to wait. My friend G called me and asked if I was still going to LV this month and I told him I had decided to wait. Well the reason he called was to tell me he was headed there this past weekend to attend a friends wedding and to propose to his girlfriend, S. I didn't think twice for the best man at my wedding and went to work calling HET and the airlines.

I want to let you know that this is the first time I returned home compelled to write a complaint letter to the president of the property in which I stayed. I am not going to get into my negative experience here but will share if you want to drop me an email. I am also going to try to keep this TR somewhat brief just because I am probably still pissed off.

T & I flew out of Eugene, OR Thursday afternoon at 1605 on Allegiant and arrived in LV a little ahead of time at 1745. Flight was smooth and we won one hundred bucks on a drawing they had on the plane. Great start I'm thinking but maybe not a look into the future.......... I have flown Allegiant a few times before with no problems and always on time. Due to short notice this trip was 350 RT each. SWA and Alaska each wanted about 550 RT. Upon arrival we took a Limo directly to liquor store for some Crown and Grey Goose and then off to the strip.

This trip wasn't too different then my others; Craps, Morton's, Crown Royal on the rocks and a good cigar.

We checked into Bally's LV where we had three nights comped. No lines for check-in and was immediately told the room I booked was unavailable. I got the up-sale that didn't settle well with me and said I would take whatever room was available. I guess I am very principle oriented or so I'm told........We stayed on the 21st floor (2133A) with a crappy view of Bill's. Windows were filthy! The safe wouldn't reset so they sent up a maintenance man that reeked of MJ. Not that I care, but I couldn't believe he didn't think anyone would notice. We could still smell him after we exited our room and headed to the elevators. Lay off the pipe a little.......

Entire trip consisted with 500 buy-ins at the Craps tables. Never really did much, usually starting off by being down and then having to battle back. I think the most I ever won at any one session was 1K. Actually got T to play Craps this trip and not only did she win, she enjoyed it. Other weird thing is she started drinking CR! What's up with that? I usually get texts from the room late at night from her but this trip I had company until 6am. Needed some food so we grabbed a couple of sandwiches at JJ Boulangerie (20).


Called it a night around 6am and I grabbed a couple of hours of sleep. Got up and T thought I was crazy, well I am and she should have checked that out before shackin up.
Craps and Baileys Coffee until T decided to F I N A L L Y meet me. We headed over to the Mirage where I always enjoy morning Craps sessions there. Great pit boss, Gerardo who we are going to send a couple of bottles of Oregon wine to after chatting with him. He is always there when I gamble and very personable. The crew has been doing their jobs for some time and make the game go smoothly and enjoyable.

T bets on some ponies after getting a tip from Gerardo. Not one winner in nine bets. The lady checking the tickets asked T who gave her the great advice on her picks. hehehe

We hit Morton's for dinner and we had a great dinner as always with G & S. Matre D' took couple of pictures and we enjoyed drinks, crab cocktails, oysters, steaks, salmon and even a Mac & Cheese. Yes, S is a vegetarian. T & I got to view the rings while S went to the restroom. The staff brought us out a nice chocolate soufflé and ice cream to celebrate the engagement I told them about while booking. Fortunately, S was in the restroom since G hadn't asked her yet. Whew, that was close! (500 for four of us)

After dinner we headed to Ol'town walking in and out of casinos. Winning and losing on BJ, up 200-300 here down 200-300 here. I will agree with Beejay about the pit at the Golden Gate!!!!! We leave old town and head to Caesars but G & S decide to head back to Bally's. I played Craps for about 30 minutes and didn't care for the tables there so we headed back as well. Later that night after we had parted ways for the evening G asked S to marry him and she accepted.



You guessed it, same as the first verse. This day we ate lunch at he Sidewalk Café at Bally's. Staff was friendly food was pretty basic. That evening we hook up with G & S for an early dinner at Piero's. This was our first visit there and it was very good. The service by Marc was great and he was very funny and could put up with us. The food and prices were good (350 for four of us).

T & I had tickets to the PBR and head out to the Thomas Mack a little later then we should have gone. We had great seats after I kicked some folks out of our seats. They were with some other people and about half the row left the section. Great fun since this was a change for us in our show venues. I knew the taxi line would be crazy after the event and it was ridiculous! I grabbed T and we headed for the street where we flagged down a limo and we were back to the strip within minutes.


Last day and didn't play at all since I spent the morning trying to find out why I had NO credits on my Total Rewards. After absolutely no help from the front desk I contacted the casino host who got things taken care of for me.

We eat breakfast at the Sidewalk Café and headed to the airport.

Flight home was not good. Most chaotic boarding I have ever seen by letting people from all different rows board at the same time. People were walking in and out of the flow of traffic trying to find room for their carry-on bags. It was like watching 147 people who have never flown before try to figure out what to do. Late leaving the gate about 25 minutes because of a lost wastepaper basket, no kidding and since that apparently screws up the FAA paperwork we have to wait for corrected paperwork. Get out to the tarmac and sit for 15 minutes before the pilot tells us there is a problem with one of the engines. We head back to the terminal so they can check out the problem. Doesn't take long for the mechanics to assess the problem and tell us that we will be changing planes. Great................3 hours later we finally take off. Kudos to the pilot for his attention to detail and our safety! In all of my flights this was a first for me to have to exit a plane after leaving the gate. Still never fun to deplane but can't complain. We finally arrive home to a very happy 9-month-old Lab. He doesn't know that I was more happy then he to be home.

Final thoughts

LV was fairly busy due to PBR, SEMA, and WPT but nothing too bad.

Cocktail experience varied with the best service at the Mirage. Thank you Renae!!!!!!!

Best money I saw was at the Bellagio where I watched a guy on a Roulette table literally throwing 100 dollar chips around like they were dollars. It was crazy with him betting about 5-6K a spin and not winning I might add.

This TR still turned out longer than I intended but hope you liked it. If you have any questions drop me a line.