If you read these reports to see how too go to Vegas and not spend any money this one is not for you.

Houston to Vegas Good trip. Me and wife.

Wife dose not gamble but she goes to relax and spend time with me.

Get to airport in Vegas and a car is there to Pick us up. not a limo I hate limos I am not that spoiled.

get to CP and get a nice room in aug. Tower tip the $20.00

Go up stares and one thing leads to another and we come down to the casino in about 2 hours.

I go over and meet the host, and get credit set up. wife gose to shop.

I go to the dice table and I am a don't player so I move into the hook and keep my mouth closed. (I am not the kind that yells for others to loss.

I play 100. on 3 #, I play about 2 hours and am up 1500.00 when Wife calls and is hungry, so we go to Mar. ville for lunch. It is good and we stay at Flem. and play. I stay with my same game and in 1 hour am up another 750.00. (Total 2250.00)

Wife had played some mach and lost 100.00. (she hates to gamble)

Went back to CP and wife went up to nap. I went to another dice table and was up 1000.00 in 30 min. (total 3250.00)

wanted to try another place so I went over to Bal. and uped the bet to 250 a hand it started off bad and then went back and forth. there was one guy there that was on a roll and I just stopped betting when he got the dice. some time he would hold them for 15-20 Min. any way I stayed about 2 hours and was up 2000.00 (total 5250.00)

I was cashing out when a host came over and started asking me name ect. and offered us dinner. I got his # and told him I would call him.

when I left I called W and she was just waking up around 7:30pm I know it was going to be a long night she would want to go out and dance and party. I told her I needed to come up and shower.

When I got up stares and told her about the win she was very exc. she wanted to go buy something she had seen that Morn. so while I got dressed she went back down to shop.

While she was in the casino she sees our host and they stert talking and he sets us up for dinner at Bradley Ogdens and Dancing at a Bar back kind of by the pool. It was great.

When I came down she was waiting by the elv. but there was no Package. WE went out and had a greate time came in around 1:30am what a day.

The next morning I got up and slipped down stares to get a little past for us and put on the coffee before I left.

When I got back W was in the shower, so I set down and started reading the paper. when she came out of the shower I see whey there was no package last night. she had been shopping for me or her or us or something. any way I love Vegas.

latter we went for a walk on the strip and it was so nice to just walk and not be in a hurry to get any where.

I went to gamble at Bills and W went to read nap and relax.

at bills it looked as if my luck had changed I was down 2500 fast. but I did not try to chace my money I pulled down my bets and just waited and it was not long before the wind changed and I could see the money starting to come back I left up 500 but it had been a hard 500. (Total 5750.00)

I had had good luck at the Bal. the day before so I went back and got on the same table in the same spot. and started in @250 a spot and never looked back I was up 2500 in less then an Hour.( Total 8250.00) and was thinking of leaving when W called and ask if I was hungry (Was happy she said Hungry). she came over to meet me and before she got there I ask for Lunch comp and I got it. It was great. and I also ask for a tour of the dam and the Grand Can. well I did not think I would get that but while we were eating the phone rings and the host ask wher we are. and he came in and got it all set up in a chopper.
The afternoon was wonderful. and I assured him i would come back and play some more.

After that afternoon I was beat and ready to relax we went out by the pool and just set and relaxed and then I wanted to get a shower and have a sandwich in the room. but I know W would want to go out so I said I was going to go up and change for dinner. and before I could even ask what she wanted for dinner she said there was a movie in the room and she thought she just wanted to stay in and watch the movie. I was so relived. It was a nice evning and we needed it.

The rest of the week end was much the same I was a 15,000 winner for the trip we both got some much needed rest and alone time.

When we left our host picked up the tab. and ask us back any time full RFB. also the Bal. offered the same.

I Just love Vegas.