This trip was scheduled around the last 3 days of the Professional Bull Riders Finals at the Thomas & Mack Center on the UNLV campus. We booked our trip through Southwest Airline Vacations for about $550 for the two of us. If you live near any airport serviced by Southwest Airlines you will find their vacation program one of the best bargains on the internet.

We left Albuquerque at 5:45 PM. The airplane was packed and since we had a C boarding pass, our seating was split. Trip was uneventful. Once we arrived, we used the Bell shuttle to get to the 4 Queens. Check in was a breeze and the room was on the 18th floor near the elevator.
We received 2 coupons for 2-4-1 meals at the 4 Queens dining room. The prices and portions were both execellant, so the coupon was frosting on the cake. Even though I've heard several people on this board comment on the high price of food in LV we found that the prices downtown were very reasonable. Most of the downtown casinos offered prime rib dinners for $4.95 - $9.95 with all the trimmings.

Drink service was hard to come by. I played keno and the the keno staff would give coupons for 2 drinks at any 4 Queens bar. But even with a coupon the bartenders seemed to ignore you standing right in front of them with no one else at the bar. You would have to wait 5-10 minutes just to get their attention. This was the only downfall in our experience at the 4 Queens. I am totally amazed that with all the money the casinos spend in advertising and promotions to get customers to their property, they would even tolerate this level of service from ANY of their employees. I sometimes feel they are jumping over dollars to pick up nickles.

Since the purpose of the trip was to attend the PBR Finals our first project was to find the best way to get from the downtown area to the Thomas & Mack center. We visited the CAT downtown transit center and discovered that Route 108 would drop us off and pick us up right in front of the arena, plus the bus ran until 1:30 am. The other good news was that the cost of a 3-day pass was $15 with unlimited use. We used the pass to attend all the PBR events and the fanfare event on the strip. Route 108 also runs from the airport to the downtown area once every hour. I wish I had known this before buying the shuttle tickets.

Our return flight was uneventful but since we had the C boarding pass we were again split up on the plane. Southwest does know how to stack customers on an airplane.

Hopefully, the casinos will eventually learn that it doesn't cost a dime for an employee to give good customer service. In our situation the good customer relations the keno staff tried to give us was nullified by the bad attitude of the bartenders. Maybe someday the 4 Queens will send their bartenders to charm school!