Flew out real early from DTW on time to Vegas for an 8:30am arrival. Was at Dollar and driving by 9:15am. This was great and all but I paid for it later in the day as I only had about 4hrs sleep at the Comfort Inn in Romulus. Will definetely get there earlier next time!
I paid $309 for 3 nites @ the Excalibur and return air on NWAvacations a long time ago, a good deal since I was SOLO for this trip. A quick drive over to the Excalibur to squeeze in some football bets and a look around. I think they cleaned it up a little. The carpet seemed cleaner but still smokey. The key was the poker room long known for it's "Kitchen table" atmosphere was back as the electronic tables were ousted. Headed to a liquor store across from Luxor for a 6pack, a couple of cokes and some munchies. Then on to McD's for a quick breakfast. since it was getting close to 11am I drove to the Pinball Hall of Fame to play some old classics. I had brought about $4 worth of quarters and spent prolly 45 minutes being entertained. Drove back to the strip and thought I'd try check-in early because I was headed to MoBay for a 2pm poker tourney. I don't think they were very busy because I checked in with no problem and for $20 got an upgraded room on the 21st floor overlooking NYNY/MGM and that part of the strip. The room was real nice very clean, comfy bed, nice big shower. No trouble staying here again! Played in the MoBay 2pm, made the final table. They paid 5 I busted in 6th after I donked off some chips and then went all-inn in the BB with JQo against A8. 5th only paid $114 but it would have been an excellent way to start.

Back to the room got cleaned up and headed to Freemont street. Parked at the GN and toured Freemont. Stopped at the GG for a shrimp cocktail, then walked over to Binions for the Prime Rib deal but it was lined up so I headed out the back to the street behind and up to the Gold Spike. It was still kinda daylight so I felt safe. The coffee shop has a Prime Rib deal but was busy so I carried on to the El Cortez to check their special but they were busy so I played some 0.25 roulette (lost $5). I then walked to the 4 Queens but since Magnolias was busy I headed back to Binions to finally no line and had the Prime Rib deal. After dinner I played some 2-4 at the GN, lost about $10 but played for 2 hrs. I like to park at the GN because after playing poker the pit boss will sign your parking stub and you just hand it to the attendant and away u go. The only real crowds I saw on this trip were on Freemont Street. I headed back to the Excalibur and sat at a 2-4 table. I bought in for $60 about 4 hands in got dealt A10o flop comes JQK rainbow so I flopped a str8. lotsa of callers even a raise that I reraise and still 5 people see a 2 come on the turn. I check to the raiser who bets I raise which puts us down to 3 people to see the river. The river brings a Q and now I see it, he flopped 2 pair and just made a boat. I call his bet just in case but yes he has the boat and I just donked off a bunch of my buy-in. Couple of hands later I'm dealt 6's flop a set get in a big pot and get beat by a bigger set. Later I loose to a bigger flush and about 30minutes after sittingdown my buy-in is gone. I'm in shock b/c I play 2-4 to sit and drink and have fun, I never donk $60 off in less than 30 minutes. It's about 11:30 so I call it a nite and retreat to the room with my tail between my legs.

Next morning I'm up early, go for a run, hit the gym then get showered. Up next is the 10am pH tourney. Made the final table again but busted in 8th so again no money. I went for a drive to the Boulder Strip and the surrounding neighborhoods then hit a Thai food place for a couple of fresh shrimp rolls. I headed back to the strip and sat by the pool for an hr and read a book (Check Raising the Devil...Mike the Mouth's book) Just before I went to the Palace Station mexican restaurant for the 1/2 price menu (4-6pm) I bet the Steelers to win the Monday nite game. I got 8 huge chicken wings for $3, some chips and salsas for $2.50 and a pepsi...less than $10dinner at thePalace Station. Back to Freemont street for a couple of hrs of 2-4 at the the GN (-$15) then drove back to the Ex and parked the car. Too scared to play at the Ex after last nite so walked to the Monte Carlo and played 2-4 there. Nice room, fun table and after a couple of beers, 3 white russians and a $2 profit I figured it was time to go for a walk to clear the head (strong drinks!) I walked to the IP for a couple of hrs of 2-4 some non-alcoholic drinks and a $10 loss. Great fun non the less and I was feeling lots more sober. Turned in about 2am. Had a good nite sleep and was ready for the last day in Vegas.

I figured I could beat the Mandalay Bay tourney so after I had the Ellis Island steak and eggs and returned the rental I went to the tram to go to MoBay. The tram was not running and since it was 5 mins to 10 I knew I was not making the start of the tourney. Not sure why but I walked to the Tropicana, they had the usual slot machine for free tickets or free slot play outside. I spun it and won $10 in free slot play. Got lucky and turned it into $35! free money. I felt my luck turning so back to the Excalibur. The Ex has wheel spins for quads/aces full and Aces cracked. and it's double until 2pm. I won a few small pots and was up $20-$30 when i was dealt pocket 7's. 6 people see the flop of 77?. I need $20 in the pot for a spin and to my surprise all 6 people call the $2 bet. The turn is a K i think and we get some more betting and raises. 3 people are OK with an $8 bet and the river brings a dud. I check to the raiser who bets I raise next guy folds and raiser calls. He shows his cracked A's and we both spin the wheel. I get $25 which I get to double! 2 hands later I'm dealt A10 and see a flop of AK10! lots of callers and the turned A gives me another wheel spin..$20 doubled plus the healthy pot and I'm up close to $200 in front of me. I keep getting great cards including A's that don't get cracked and I walk out of there after 4hrs with $307!!!!! huge for a 2-4 game. The $90 in wheel spins were a nice bonus. I really wanted the Ellis IslandSteak deal so grabbed a beer and walked to EI, great steak and beer as usual. Walked back to the Ex and grabbed my coat because I was headed to Bill's to jump on the shuttle for the Orleans and the Las Vegas Wranglers hockey game. Fairly entertaining game the Utah team had a couple of guys I had seen play junior A. Las Vegas lost 3-2. I jumped back on theshuttle to Bill's had a beer with a friend at Paris who was in town then headed back to the Ex about 10:30-11pm. Had a Red Bull and planned to play late. I sat down at a great table with some fun people, had many beers, a white russian, bloody Mary and a cup of tea! my $60 buy-in stayed right around that mark for the entire night. I went to the bathroom about 4:30am and weaved a little but the sight of my eyes as I splashed water on my face told me it was time for bed. It looked like they were bleeding, I regretfully said goodnite to my friends and cashed out at $45, a great nite for $15!
After a short sleep I got up, packed, got a12 noon check out and headed to MGM to play SIGMA DERBY. After that I picked up a few last souveneirs for the kids and headed back to the Ex. I had 2 free drink coupons to use then jumped on theshuttle to end yet another great Vegas trip.
I prolly put about $50 into the slots on this trip. No wins xcept the free slot plays.
Won all 3 football bets but lost 2 hockey bets not counting the Air and 3 nites the trip cost me less than $300! that included the nite in Romulus/gas/case of beer and some groceries on the way home.
Flight home only took 3h20m