Sorry its taken so long to put in my report! Finally my 40th Birthday had rolled in and after 3.5 years of saving, my friend Selena and I were on my way back to Vegas.

Spent the Friday night before the flight at the Hilton, Gatwick Airport, flew by Virgin Atlantic (as always), left on time, arrived on time, 30 minutes and we were in our taxi who took the tunnel but we didnt care!!!

Stayed at the Luxor, check in was quick and effortless, although they did charge my credit card with the weeks stay before we had even been given our room keys!

Smoking room was clean and didnt smell of cigarettes! Selena and I made an agreement that if we smoked in the room and the smoke or smell lingered the following morning then we would not smoke! However when we got up in the morning after smoking a not insignificant number of cigarettes the night before, you couldnt really tell we had smoked at all! Fantastic!

Walked to the Grand Canyon excursion place and boked two tickets for the Grand Canyon for the following day. Excited or what!

Took a short (!!!) walk down to Planet Hollywood and had a wander around. I liked it. The cocktails were fabulous, even ran into one of our air stewardesses at the bar! Won a bit. Walked back to the Luxor. Fel asleep mid sentance apparently!

Sunday Grand Canyon: Mmmm what can I say. Grand Canyon is a beautiful and wonderful place to visit. Every photo was gorgeous. View was amazing. No barriers anywhere so you could walk right to the edge, not that we were foolish enough to do that!!! Food at the ranch was apalling though! Wouldnt have fed it to my cats!

Coach driver was funny and he played National Lampoons Vacation (the Vegas One) which had Selena in stiches all the way back!

Gambled a bit, won a bit! Drank a lot.

Monday was spent walking up and down the strip, blimey! Even during November is was warm! Took loads of photos, forgot to eat, remembered to drink!

Tuesday My 40th Birthday: Spent the day in a t Shirst telling everyone I was 40! Walking down the strip people were saying happy birthday! Fashion Show Mall, shopped till I had no room on my arms for any more bags!

Had a spot of lunch at the Cheescake Factory in Caesars! Dulce De Leche Cheesecake and a huge cocktail! I was a happy bunny!!!!

Walked to Sephora and dropped more money than i wanted on perfume and makeup!

Went to the Mandalay Bay in the evening, can highly recommend the bar with Doug and his Manager! Two Mai Tai's and I was almost horizontal, waitresses kept the drinks coming and were wonderful! I think we reliased around 11.30pm that we had not eaten all day so went to Raffles, very disappointed! Two mini brugers and chips and both dishes were stone cold, had to have them replaced. Mind you at 11.30pm, I guess we deserved it!

Wednesday was spent in and out of all the casinos down the strip! Photos ops, cocktails. Back to the Luxor and a spot of dinner in the mexican restaurant, Tacos and Techila I think? Food was scrummy, I think this was the first proper meal we had since arriving.

Fell in love with the Star Wars, Stargate and Star Trek machines. Selena loved the Wizard of Oz machine! Tropicana had a 3D version of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Also loved the Sopranos machine! Quote: You look like you've been kissing the Pilsbury Dough Boy! This kept coming up and I kept on laughing!

Alas but home on Thursday, wish I had booked a longer stay this time but theres always next year!

Checked out and had my entire stay comped! I was even given the business card for a Luxor Casino Host!

Cant wait to get back! Love ya Vegas!