Another fun Vegas trip. We ( my husband and I) stayed at Mandaly BAy the first 2 nights in a suite and the Luxor for the last 2 nights in a suite. Suites are the way to go. Always more room. Mandalay Bay's suite was nice and it was free. However we noticed the furniture nicked up alot and not alot of lighting for anything in the room.

We gambled both craps and slots. My husband plays some slots and didn't do well at all. He was done 500.00 in 1 hour and I was down 200 in 30 minutes. Needless to say, we didn't gamble there anymore.

The food at Mandalay Bay was good but like everything else there, it's expensive. Again, if everything is comped that's great but for those people that don't play enough, be prepared to bring your wallet.

The Luxor made back our losses. I played double deck blacjack with an average bet of 50.00. I did pretty well but followed the strategy that if I lost 4 hands in a row, it was time to leave. That took over 2 hours and I walked away with a nice profit. I also played craps there but only did ok. The tables were cold and there were not alot of people playing. I'm the trype that likes to play with a bunch of people.

My husband played 3 card and won back his loses so he was happy. both my husband and I love the Luxor. Maybe we it's just that we always go there so it's more familiar to us. We also like our host which is always a plus.

Can't wait to go back at Christmas.