On way to airport it was raining, friend called and asked if we had checked flight status. Long story short, our flight was canceled until TOMORROW! After a lengthy phone call, we were put on another flight and landed at original time in Vegas! What a stressful few minutes- no flight with paid tickets to Cher, Terry Fator Show and comp rooms waiting. (If no show, room would have been charged for first night $300 in Venetian)
Arriving about 11:30pm Wednesday night, it looked like a ghost town! But after the cowboys started arriving Thursday, Friday and Sat. looked like the old Vegas, shoulder to shoulder, like I like it!

SHOWS: Terry Fator Show was great. His opening side kick was just as good, if not better than him! Cher Show, glad I can say been there done that. But, I would NEVER pay to see her again. Quite a turnoff, with her foul talking, but her body and outfits were unbelievable.
DINING: I do not cut corners when it comes to eating in Vegas. The Range is one of the best places in my book for the prices, food and service. The café in Belliago is another great place to eat. Also the Wynn, we had the Brunch Sat. morning. It was good, but I would have rather had just the breakfast bar. If you go there, be sure to take time to look overhead when you enter. Everything that looks like decorations is real fruit and vegetables! It is beautifully done. Last but not least is the Grand Lux café in The Venetian. Since we stayed there the first 2 nights, we ate there twice. It was great food, but I don't think I would order the mushroom soup again. I didn't feel too great for the next 2 days. My friend said that I probably got some bad mushrooms. UGH!

GAMBLING: We play mostly slots. When it takes $3-$10 to max a penny machine, I played in the high slot areas quite a bit on the $5-10 slots. If it is a progressive, I will always max it. I'm certainly not wealthy, but saved for 2 yrs. for this trip. I will NOT go to Vegas unless I have enough to enjoy myself. I won on the Big WOF machine in Rio 3 times over $100-300 each time. (stayed there comped for the last 2 nights) Also, in the Excalibur, as you enter the front, first steps down, stay to the right, at the end of the escalators, there is a Zeus penny machine on the end. It is not a progressive, but it takes $10 max to play. I would play $3, $6, then max it. It seemed to hit about every 3 rounds. So, no hit for 2 times, then I would max it. WELL, it hit and ended up cashing out over $500! I would always print ticket and cash in when I got over $40 profit and usually not go back. This is our system and it helps put $$ back in the pocket. If you don't, I find that it doesn't take long to feed it back! I didn't see many big winners, but a few at $4-5K. I kept winning $100-400 quite a bit. I paid for all our meals and taxis and still brought back over half that I took. Hope this report might help someone. I sure do enjoy reading them, so keep them going! Remember, tip everyone for good service in Vegas, from the doormen to the maids, I'm sure they appreciate it and need it.
VIVA LAS VEGAS, till next time.